Long-time readers of VERBATIM will recognize the name David Galef; his pieces in our magazine consistently garner compliments (and the editor is always pleased to find a new one coming across her email transom).

But VERBATIM, as you all know, only publishes non-fiction, so if you’ve ever wondered how David Galef’s light style translates to less-factual writing, you might want to check out his new book of short-shorts, A Man of Ideas and Other Stories.

Here are some teasers to pull you in …

“As a souvenir from her stay in Botswana, Mary Edwards brought home a slave.”

“At age thirty, Daryl knew that his marriage was the best thing that ever
happened to him. At age forty, he felt the same about his divorce.”

“When I think of Duff, I think of the itchiness of everyday life and the
scratchiness of certain individuals. Duff wants to be loved for himself
alone, but what’s he got to offer? He’s a one-man conversation with a
personality like a sound-loop.”

This new book is available at Noemi Press; click on the image above for more information.


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