Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XVIII 1 Devereux, Robert Punch on the Bungalow Veranda
XVIII 1 Yoo, Dal The World of Abbreviations and Acronyms
XVIII 1 Heinz, John F. fix
XVIII 2 Sharp, Don Speaking of the Unmentionables
XVIII 2 Swift, Bob Wrenches in the Gorse and Bracken
XVIII 2 Galef, David Cross-talk
XVIII 2 Schofield, David Stuart Texas Prison Slang
XVIII 2 Bernstein, Marc A. Lost Charisma
XVIII 2 Abate, Frank R. Unraveling the American Place-Name Cover
XVIII 2 Ober, William B. Writing Maketh an Exact Man
XVIII 2 Cassidy, John R. There Just Isn’t a Word for It
XVIII 2 Bauerle, R.F. The Power of Doubled Words
XVIII 3 Sebastian, Robert M. Abusing the King’s English
XVIII 3 Dougherty, William H. Names of Santa Fe
XVIII 3 King, Helen To the Foot of the Letter, I’m Listening to a Turkish Sermon!
XVIII 3 Stark, Jack A Wisconsin Supreme Court Dictionary
XVIII 3 Sharp, Don A Menagerie of Words
XVIII 3 Lehrer, Adrienne Wine Vocabulary and Wine Description
XVIII 3 Lederer, Jr., Richard M. Colonial American English—Supplement
XVIII 4 Schindler, Marc A. Politically Correct Nomenclature or, How to Win at Trivial Pursuit and Lose Friends
XVIII 4 Bach, Zellig The Gremlins of E.T.
XVIII 4 Ford, Robert Archibald Learn to Spike Lunars
XVIII 4 Dougherty, William H. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch …
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