On the So-called “Debate” over Black English

Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXIII 1 Schindler, Marc A. (Dia)critic’s Corner
XXIII 1 Richler, Howard Galling Gallicisms of Quebec English
XXIII 1 Temianka, Daniel The King of Wordsmiths
XXIII 1 Davidson, J. A. The Problem of Names
XXIII 1 Crilly, Josephine Turning To Nod Goodbye
XXIII 1 Ramson, Bill Dharuk Words In English
XXIII 1 Woolner, Rosalind It Figures
XXIII 2 Guyol, Hazel Sample A Yankee Dime and Other Reginal Expressions
XXIII 2 Mathew, David Anti-Language
XXIII 2 Betts, Jerome The Grockles of Goodrington
XXIII 2 Schindler, Marc A. “Latter-day” English
XXIII 2 Cushing, Ph.D., Steven The Meaning of Murder
XXIII 2 Marco, Margaret The Staff of Life
XXIII 2 Brashear, William Fo Er Si Guo Er and The Cross-Eyed Bear (or: Of Oronyms and Other Literary Trompes l’Oeil/Oreille)
XXIII 3 Room, Adrian By Their Notes Ye Shall Know Them: A Look at Onomatopoeic Ornithonymy
XXIII 3 Tius, Mary M. Muddled Meaning
XXIII 3 Bailey, Bel Salty Sayings from Cornwall
XXIII 3 Ramson, Bill Settlement by Sea
XXIII 3 Ramson, Bill The Case of Nyungar
XXIII 3 Tius, Mary M. Deranged Diction
XXIII 4 Humez, Nick Periodic Table Manners
XXIII 4 Hall, Joan Houston DARE-More Than Halfway There
XXIII 4 Rubrecht, August Exploring the Lexicon with Natives of North America
XXIII 4 Galef, David Ups and Downs
XXIII 4 Newman, Jon O. Word Words
XXIII 4 Saporta, Sol
XXIII 4 Sheidlower, Jesse Revising The F-Word
XXIII 4 Tius, Mary M. Lost and Foundering
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