Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXVII 1 Hargraves, Orin Rendering the Language of Daad
XXVII 1 Eskenazi, Gerald Unexpected Surprises
XXVII 1 Galef, David A Column on Columns
XXVII 1 Wood, D. Russ The Slang of the Day
XXVII 1 Powell, Steve Fancy a Viking, Sooty?
XXVII 1 McKean, Erin L33t-sp34k
XXVII 1 Bennet, Martin Wilmot Palaver Sauce
XXVII 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Certain Somebodies)
XXVII 1 Sutherland, Fraser Review of Why We Curse
XXVII 1 Kleinedler, Steve Review of Vanishing Voices
XXVII 1 Deimling, Kate Review of Language Play
XXVII 1 McKean, Erin Review of The Way We Talk Now
XXVII 2 Schliefer, Rob A Nocturnal View of the Lunar Landscape
XXVII 2 Randall, Jessy Anything But Pregnant
XXVII 2 Emerson, Ralph B is for Body
XXVII 2 Beam, Matthew Sympathy and Empathy
XXVII 2 Galef, David The Trouble With Janus Words
XXVII 2 Elkin, Susan Epithets: the Great, the Good, the Golden-tongued and the Terrible
XXVII 2 Gani, Martin Colourful Language
XXVII 2 Betts, Jerome Dog-Lime Days
XXVII 2 Room, Adrian Animal Lamina
XXVII 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Weird Tools, Improbable Jobs)
XXVII 2 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns: Some Goode Olde Englishe Dirte (column)
XXVII 2 Deimling, Brian Review of Cattus Petasatus, by Jennifer and Terrence Tunberg
XXVII 2 McKean, Erin Review of The Dictionary of Wordplay, by Dave Morice
XXVII 3 Costikyan, Greg Talk Like a Gamer
XXVII 3 Shapiro, Juliette A Tuesday Afternoon With Hunter Diack
XXVII 3 Lowrey, Burling Notes on Meiosis
XXVII 3 Juniper, Dean More 180° Homonyms
XXVII 3 Lederer, Richard Stamp Out Fadspeak
XXVII 3 Bentley, Tom Checking Your References
XXVII 3 Gani, Martin English in Italy
XXVII 3 Kedzierski, Roberta Easy As ABC?
XXVII 3 Richler, Howard Words: The Stealth Weapon of War
XXVII 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns: Kettel Kall (column)
XXVII 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Uncle Fud)
XXVII 3 Sutherland, Fraser Review of The Encyclopedia of Civil War Usage, by Webb Garrison
XXVII 4 Whelan, Richard American Spelling Reform
XXVII 4 Randall, Jessy The Sneeze: More Than Just Ah-choo and Bless You
XXVII 4 Shapiro, Fred R. The Politically Correct U.S. Supreme Court and the Motherfucking Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
XXVII 4 Whitehead, Allison Jumpers and Rounders and Tops, Oh My
XXVII 4 Betts, Jerome To Curf and Thrash, and Vex and Dash
XXVII 4 Ross, Nigel J. A Headful of Words
XXVII 4 Quinion, Michael Word Sites Online
XXVII 4 Ladds, Tony An Appeal to Writers Everywhere
XXVII 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Quaint Crimes, Archaic Punishments)
XXVII 4 McKean, Erin Review of Predicting New Words, by Allan Metcalf
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