Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXIV 1 Rawson, Hugh Bowderlism in the Barnyard
XXIV 1 Sampson, Paul J. Airspeak
XXIV 1 Pratt, Daniel L. A Brief History of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD)
XXIV 1 Galef, David How To Speak Like A Corporation
XXIV 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (On the Art of Translation, and Vice Versa)
XXIV 1 Hall, Tony The Things That People Say
XXIV 1 Dougherty, William H. Bromides
XXIV 1 Bernard, Thomas L. Onomastica: Ultimate Consonant Duplication
XXIV 1 Felts, John H. More Servings From the Periodic Table
XXIV 1 Armstong, David G. A Calendrical Sentence Explored
XXIV 1 Blau, Dr. Karl Family Saga
XXIV 1 Holmes-Moss, Ida The Language of Plants and Flowers
XXIV 1 Howarth, Pamela A Little Latin is a Dangerous Thing
XXIV 1 MacIntosh, Donald The Last Pibroch
XXIV 1 Rubrecht, August Why Have We Got Have Got?
XXIV 1 Ronnick, Michele Valerie The First Use of the Latinate Adjective Fluxionary in the Twentieth Century
XXIV 2 Considine, John Reading the Traces of James Murray in the Oxford English Dictionary
XXIV 2 Randall, Jessy; Woloson, Wendy Assing Around
XXIV 2 Murphy, M. Lynne Racing for Definitions in South Africa
XXIV 2 Fischer, Henry What¹s the French for “Fiddle de dee”? (poem)
XXIV 2 Coward, Mat Bona Palare: The Language of Round the Horne
XXIV 2 Bready, Richard Graphic Account (poem)
XXIV 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (On Blue Moons, and Others)
XXIV 2 Cushing, Stephen All About All
XXIV 2 Collins, Valerie Byte Bonding, Bit-bangers, and BLOBS
XXIV 2 Slap, Joseph K. Fun Things to Say in Spanish, French, & English
XXIV 2 Richler, Howard Hearing is in the Ear of the Listener
XXIV 3 Adams, Michael Slayer Slang (Part 1)
XXIV 3 Buchanan, M.A. Identity and Language in the SM Scene
XXIV 3 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIV 3 Fischer, Henry A Backhanded Pardon (poem)
XXIV 3 Wiener, Gary I May Already Be a Wiener
XXIV 3 Elkins, Susan A Bestiary of Adjectives
XXIV 3 Nuttall, Martin It¹s All Double Janglish to Me!
XXIV 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Juney ŒToons)
XXIV 3 Saporta, Sol Widows, Orphans, and ? ­ Semantic Holes
XXIV 3 Kern, John Konrad Words for Their Own Sake
XXIV 3 Holan, Frank Bats as Symbols
XXIV 3 Egan, Gary from A Dictionary of Interesting Collisions
XXIV 3 McKean, Erin Intolerable Intolerance, Redux
XXIV 4 Adams, Michael Slayer Slang (Part 2)
XXIV 4 McKinzey, Rima Between the Parentheses: A Pron Chick reports from the Front Lines
XXIV 4 Galef, David Primer (poem)
XXIV 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXIV 4 Morris, John Avoiding Offense
XXIV 4 Saporta, Sol On the Use of Niggardly
XXIV 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Money Talks)
XXIV 4 Behling, Jim The Foreignym
XXIV 4 Haubrich, William S. Menckenisms
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