Authors and Articles: Vol. I-XXIX

I1Michaelis, Ramona R.Dictionaries of Hard Words Come Easy
I1Bolinger, DwightDarn, Durn, Down, Doon, Damn
I1Wescott, Roger W.Word Chains in English
I1Landau, Sidney I.Sexual intercourse in American College Dictionaries
I2Wescott, Roger W.Women, Wife-men, and Sexist Bias
I2Lloyd, Paul M.Binomials and Trinomials
I3Lees, R. B.Elements of Semantic Change
I3Urdang, LaurenceAn Intolerant View of Intolerance
I4Read, Allen WalkerFamily Words in English
I4Fowkes, Robert A.Phonatics
I4Sears, Donald A.Ameritalian
I4Minkoff, HarveyHomonymous Antonyms
II1Fowkes, Robert A.Irish Bulls in Sundry China Shops
II1Urdang, LaurenceThe Art and Technique of Citation Reading
II1Colby, ElbridgeBureaucratic Possessives
II1Ashley, Leonard R. N.Mr. Przybysz and the Czech O'Shaunnessy
II1Gilman, Mary LouiseThis Peculiar Boston Accent
II2Algeo, JohnPortmanteaus, Telescopes, Jumbles
II2Fowkes, Robert A.Caustic Causatives and Lowest Common Denominatives
II2Gummere, John F.Clicks Are Very Common
II2Luce, Stanford L.The Languishing Art
II2Wescott, Roger W.Do Conferees Photograph Well?
II2Bryant, Margaret M.The Expanded Modifier
II3Read, Allen WalkerYou Know What
II3Fowkes, Robert A.Talking Turkey
II3Hornos, AxelConjugal Oddities
II4Price, Bruce D.>Noun Overuse Phenomenon Article
II4Slocum, RussellA Quick Fox Jumps over the Cwm Fjord-Bank Glyph Biz
II4Shulman, DavidAntedate Dictionary Citations
II4Jewett, Don L. ; D.PhilVengeful Verse: Revenge Reversed
II4Safire, WilliamSecrets of `American English' May Yield to Dialect Geography
II4Donze, Sister Mary TereseWhere the Harts Wear Pants
III1Hornos, Axel"Ouch!" he said in Japanese
III1Flaumenhaft, A. S.Can We Write This Wrong?
III1White, James D.Mrs. Malaprop's Bicentennial
III1Cevasco, G. A.Ellipsis ... Faulty and Otherwise
III1Flaumenhaft, A.S.Grass Roots
III1Rehmus, E.E.The Mysterious Origin of the Tarot
III1Morgan, Arthur J.A Bicentennial Pair: George & Patsy
III1Donnelly, Mabel C.Giving Up the Ghost
III2Sears, Donald A.Grammar: The Terms Betray the Bias
III2Fowkes, Robert A.Esrever Hsilgne
III2LaRoche, NancyTom Sawyer Whitewashed
III2Eisiminger, SterlingGullah: A Historical Note and Quiz
III3Hicks, Steven R.That Dirty Bird
III3Brown, RuthHear Finish Before (Pause) You?
III3Caffrey, Ph.D., John G.Menu Barbarisms
III3Morgan, HenryThe Cape Cod Reader
III3Imholtz, Jr., August A.Charmed and Other Quarks
III3Woodworth, Douglas R.A Plea for Plain Talk
III3Fowkes, Robert A.Irish Bulls--Second Series
III3Woods, W.M.More About the Name Cowbird for Molothrus ater ater
III3Jewell, Lynne TieslauAnimal-Like Adjectives
III4Schulz, ClairMail Lib
III4Mellor, William BancroftAunt Minnie's Chicken Talk
III4Urdang, LaurencePrurient Prudes
III4Wescott, Roger W.Ooglification in American English Slang
III4Urdang, LaurencePermission, Admission, Remission and the Missionaries
III4Kidney , Walter C. The Seating of Zotz
III4Gross, Mary E.Traveler's Credo
III4Romm, Ethel GrodzinsDash It All
IV1Revard, CarterDeciphering The Four-letter Word in a Medieval Manuscript's Satire on Friars
IV1Schulz, ClairThe Seat of Our Affections
IV1Tankard, Elaine F.; Tankard, Jr., James W.The Growing Use and Abuse of Literally
IV1Von Bruns, ElaineIllicit Threesomes
IV1Herbold II, John O.To Understand America (and Americans)....
IV1Schulman, J. FrankThe Sinister Side of the Language
IV1Perkins, EllenThe New Orthography
IV1Morgan, Arthur J.The Encompassing Circle
IV1Felton, Gary S.Exceptions to the Rule
IV1Dillon, JayMore -ine Adjectives
IV1Johnston, CarylNotes from the Compound World
IV1Pollock, Alexander J.Self-referring Words
IV1Schultz, Claire K.Mail Lib--Rejoinder
IV1Gumfudgin, Ormly"Ormonyms"
IV2Schulz, ClairWe Shall Know Them By Their Roots
IV2Ferris, David C.Scoring Jargon
IV2Stahr, AldenTwenty-six Sticks
IV3von Raffler-Engel, WalburgaWe Do Not Talk Only With Our Mouths
IV3Cohen, Philip MichaelWinking Words
IV3Birch, Robert L.The "Uphill Mississippi" Phenomenon and Openness to nfamiliar Ideas
IV3Sinnema, John R.KILometer or kiLOMeter?
IV3Hinton, SamMore Than Meets the -ine
IV3Luzzatto, JackWords Across the Sea: the British Crossword Comes to America
IV4Montgomery, JeanRegional Report No. 1--The Bay Area
IV4Luzzatto, JackHow to Turn a Baseball Phrase
IV4Hinton, SamMoribund Metaphors Rise Again
IV4Beresky, Andrew E.Bleep That Slur!
IV4Hawes, DonaldUnconsciously Appropriate and Inappropriate Metaphors
IV4Griffith, FrancisHumpty Dumpty's World
IV4Knepler, MyrnaSchweppes, le `drink' des gens raffinés
IV4Todd, Charles L.My Grandmother's "Spaghetta"
V1Norman, Andrew E.Tosspots and Wraprascals
V1Hill, Archibald A. "Till Death Us Do Part"
V1Olive, Bruce B.; Revard, CarterA Note and a Query
V1Harding, Vera L.Shocking News from the West
V1Bocca, GeoffreyIf It Isn't In Writing...
V1DuBois, Barbara R.Off Base
V1Price, Bruce D.A Metalinguistic Inquiry into F
V1Miller, JeffYou Say "Lieutenant" I Say "Leftenant": Linguistic Notes on the Canadian Unity Crisis
V2Urdang, Laurence"You know what I mean..."
V2Hawes, DonaldNames in Fiction
V2Haugaard, KayDon't Call Me an "Adult!" -- I'm a Mature Human Being
V2Devereux, RobertPorcine Semantics
V2Perrin, NoelVerbifying in America
V2Titcomb, CaldwellNonplussed by Plus
V2Wilson, M.D., J. WalterOn again, off again, Finnigin
V2Fowkes, Robert A.A Missile-any of Shots by a Poor Marksman
V2Kraus, HerbSo What Else Is Nous?
V2Hyder, Clyde K.peter (as in peter out)
V3Neumann, J.H.Jonson and the Talmudists
V3Colum, PadraicCopper Beeches
V3Rehmus, E.E.The Arabic Star-Names
V3Edwards, W.R.Again and Ageyn and Agane
V3Wells, MalcolmB-P Words
V3Howard, PhilipEnglish English
V4Mohan, JagHindi Filmi English Is Coming!
V4Fowkes, Robert A.Out Is In--But I'm Not Into Out
V4Moncada, E.J.Traduttore Traditore
V4Hall, Kenneth E."Indri! Indri!"
V4Howard, PhilipEnglish English
V4Jenkinson, Edward B.How to Keep Dictionaries out of the Public Schools
V4Walsh, Francis J.How Off-track Betting Endangers Our Mother Tongue: Draining Color from the Horseplayer's Gift of Gab
VI1Eisiminger, SterlingColorful Language
VI1Siwek, M.D., JayBody English
VI1Turner, G. W.Antipodean English (Infinite Variety)
VI1Cragg, Sgt. Maj. DanGI for the IG
VI1Cohen, Gerald"My name is Hanes"
VI1Luzzatto, JackEpenthetically Speaking
VI1Howard, PhilipPhilip Howard on English English
VI2Miller, Jeff"Inward Seethings": On Euphemism
VI2Shapiro, Norman R.,Is Is Is
VI2DuBois, Barbara R.Preposition Pollution
VI2Niebrzydowski, Rev. WalterTheological Bafflegab or How to Unsay It
VI2von Bruns, ElaineNamesakes
VI2Howard, Philip English English
VI2DaSilva, RussellConcerning Aspersions
VI2Devereux, RobertMantic Mania
VI2Fowkes, Robert A.Juncture: Where It Sat
VI2Morris, Donald R.Say, You Have a Point There, I Guess
VI2Allen, A. AdrianA Hodd Hanthology
VI2Dyer, Frederick C.Is Latin Briefer Than English
VI3Douglas, Peter A.The Bows' Stratagem
VI3Turner, G.W.ANTIPODEAN ENGLISH (The Dinkum Oil)
VI3Howard, Philip English English (Thesaurus 1)
VI3Russell, Ray Nabokov's Dirty Tricks
VI3Steinberg, DavidBartlett's Ain't Got It
VI3Cohen, HarryEnglish in Dutch
VI3Karges, JoannRhyme and Jingle
VI3Christian, Rebecca Fallin' In with the Great-Aunts
VI3Shapiro, Norman R.Watching All the Guys Go By
VI4Russell, RayThe "Wicked"; Bibles or, Let Him Who is Without Sin Among You Cast the First Line of Type
VI4Bralley, PatriciaThe Beginning in a Word
VI4Coughlan, SteveThe Exception That Proves the Rule
VI4Sadler, J. D.How's That Again?
VI4Way, Warren TupperBreaking the Law of Averages
VI4Haugaard, KayTake a Left on Sore Finger Road
VI4Lazerson, Barbara HuntNaming the Flora and the Fauna
VI4Howard, PhilipEnglish English
VI4Galef, DavidShortcuts
VI4Hornos, AxelWhy "Butterfly"?
VI4Blaustein, Albert P.The Zimbabwe Constitution: On Negotiations
VI4Luzzatto, JackEpenthetical Follow-up
VI4Haldeman, PhilipWriter's Blindness
VII1Margolin, VictorThe Pun Is Mightier Than the Sword A Short History of Paronomasia
VII1Howard, VirginiaA Pooh-Poohey
VII1Devereux, RobertBears and Lions Growl
VII1Winters, EricOdd Couples
VII1Fowkes, Robert A.The Good Life
VII1Schulz, ClairScore-bored
VII1John L. Idol, Jr., Mubblefubbles: An Old-Fashioned Bout with the Black Dog; or Coming Down in the Mouth with a Case of the Humpy-Grumpies
VII1Howard, PhilipEnglish English
VII1Way, Warren TupperUnlikely? That's the Name of the Game
VII1Eisiminger, SterlingBorrowing and Biases in German and English
VII1Lederer, RichardOrthographe Mirabile
VII1Cummins, Joan SillEdible Endearments
VII2Cassidy, Frederic G.Unofficial Sectional City Names
VII2Panzer, MartinSimon Says
VII2Devereux, RobertHow to Agglutinate
VII2Higgins, James W.Master Malaprop
VII2Bender, AlbertPhobia Foibles
VII2Turner, George W.Antipodean English (Socko Names)
VII2Howard, PhilipEnglish English (Hyperbole)
VII2Cohen, HarryThe Strong Sex
VII2? Funnin' Games
VII2Costikyan, GregFanguage
VII2Mayo, DickOklahoma! Okay!
VII2?A Place for Everything ...
VII2Sadler, J. D.Confusion Compounded
VII3Fowkes, Robert A.Blends, Blands, and Blunds
VII3Lillard, Richard G.Before I am Too Late
VII3Shapiro, Norman R.More Turkish Agglutinative Delights
VII3Howard, PhilipEnglish English (The Family Talpidae)
VII3Faerber, Charles N.Troy Romps--Hector Blanks Creeks on Two-hitter
VII3Ellis, WeldonThe Exception That Proves the Rule
VII3Hornos, AxelStreet Names Fun Game
VII3Henley, Elton F.Additional "Odd Couples"
VII3Dibble, Brian Ormonyms/Junctures
VII4Michael Gorman, English as she is spoke: The new guide of the conversation in Portuguese and English in two parts, by Pedro Caroline
VII4Turner, G. W. Antipodean English (New Australian)
VII4DuBois, Barbara R.S? Yes!
VII4Hendley, W. darkFringe Benefits
VII4Ellner, M.D., Harold J.Pleonasties
VII4Randolph, BorisFound in VERBATIM
VII4Ward, NormanIndian File
VII4Tius, Mary M.Jade for the Jaded
VII4Devereux, RobertArabic Loanwords
VII4Howard, Philip English English (Pronunciation)
VII4Fowkes, Robert A.Phreddy Is a Phynque: Two Graphs for One Sound
VII4Kreeger, M. M.Louisiana's German Cajuns, or, From Kissinger to Quisingre
VII4Zeidner, Martin A.The Unfairness of Articles
VII4L.U. Rivals the brilliance of genuine diamonds!
VII4L.U. How DARE You?
VII4Krueger, JanetA Saga
VIII1Fowkes, Robert A.Glaswegians and Liverpudlians, Denizens of No Mean Burys
VIII1Cassidy, Frederic G."Unofficial Sectional City Names": Postscript
VIII1Schoenfeld, Robert Dating Customs
VIII1Stephenson, FairfaxA Nasal Encounter
VIII1Jones, Frank J.Bilingualism, or How to Be Tongue-tied in Two Languages
VIII1Howard, Philip English English (Wizard)
VIII1Coulson, Alan and JanicePathologic Pantry
VIII1Lasseter, VictorSpy Euphemisms
VIII1Bolinger, DwightTo Bury the Hatchetmen
VIII2Tius, Mary M.Searching for Soma
VIII2Ellner, M.D., Harold J. Revolting Arabs, Injured Livers, and Streaking Indians
VIII2Salper, DonProper Names into Adjectives
VIII2Howard, Philip English English
VIII2Fowkes, Robert A.Preface
VIII3Garner, BryanMeretricious Words, or The Quean's English
VIII3Howard, PhilipEnglish English
VIII3Turner, George W. Antipodean English (More Colorful Language)
VIII3Harris, MurryThe Head of Coty's Wife
VIII3Ames, JayA Rose Could Be a Ruse or a Rouse
VIII3Galef, DavidJapanese English
VIII3Edwards, JohnFreud and the Gentiles
VIII4Lasseter, VictorJohn Le Carré's Spy Jargon: An Introduction and Lexicon
VIII4Feinsilver, Lillian MerminWhen Paragons Nod
VIII4Turner, G. W.Antipodean English (Tok Bidjin)
IX1Urdang, LaurenceHoly Water, Jeans, and Trade Unionists
IX1Russell, RayThe Christening
IX1Cohen, HarryWho Needs Enemies...?
IX1Howard, Philip English English
IX1Schur, Norman W.Negative Words
IX1Lederer, RichardEnglish: The Lagoon of Nations
IX1Doh, HermanThe Misplaced Stop
IX1Cannon, Garland698 Japanese Loanwords in English
IX1Cochran, O.P., LeonardWitcraft, or The Growth of English
IX1Turner, George W.Antipodean English (The Flight of the Kiwi)
IX1Roberts, DaleDeadline
IX1Bach, ZelligNeither "God" Nor "Aleichem" Is a Last Name
IX2Chapman, DianeEponymous Anonymous
IX2Urdang, LaurenceSome Interesting Characteristics of Non-Indo-European Languages
IX2Lederer, RichardA Visit to the Language Zoo
IX2Guilday, John E."by Golley, J.W."
IX2Howard, PhilipEnglish English
IX2Witlieb, Bernard L.A Memorable Agreement
IX3Devereux, RobertSouthern Amerind Lexical Contributions
IX3Sarkesian, BarbaraOf Chuffs, Topers, and Queans
IX3Jones, Frank J.RhoDislan Says It Different
IX3Drury, DonaldA Harvest of Heteronyms
IX3Pinkerton, Edward C.The Way of a Wag
IX3Middleton, Thomas H.Light Refractions
IX3Lederer, RichardYou Said a Mouthful
IX4Lederer, RichardPrep School Slanguage
IX4Urdang, LaurenceDegrees of Right and Wrong
IX4Turner, George W. Antipodean English, (The Elusive `Kangaroo')
IX4Dovey, HughPlaying a Doublet Game
IX4Howard, PhilipEnglish English
IX4Urdang, LaurenceA Word About Word Processing--Reminiscences
X1Cassidy, John R.Never Ask a Uruguayan Waitress for a Little Box: She Might Apply Her Foot to Your Eyelet
X1Urdang, LaurenceThe Failures of Success
X1Eisiminger, Sterling Language Etiquette
X1Middleton, Thomas H.Light Refractions
X1Kehl, D.G.Quasi Malediction: The Case of Linguistic Malentendu
X1Drury, DonaldMore Heteronyms: Addenda & Corrigenda
X1Turner, G.W.Antipodean English (Harmless Drudgery)
X1Ziegler, Robert E.Television Advertising and the Language of Myth
X1Powell, Marcy S.Traduttore Traditore
X1Howard, PhilipEnglish English
X1Lederer, RichardWhat's Your Phobia?
X1Ferguson, JohnReturn to Grose
X2Feinsilver, Lillian MerminYiddish for Fun and Profit
X2Cohen, HarryDown to Earth in a Low Country
X2Bateson, JohnA Short History of Punctuation
X2Christian, RebeccaThe Language of Consuming Passions
X2Miles, David L.No Sex, Please. We're English”
X2Faust, Richard L.Language Crimes: The Case of the Contending Relatives
X2Stephenson, P. EmlynBaragouins and Penguins: The Celtic Connection
X2Hayes, WalterA Partridge for Christmas
X2Garner, Bryan A.Etymological Overlap: Analogous Derivatives in English
X2Howard, Philip English English
X3Garner, Bryan A.Learned Length and Thund'ring Sound: A Word-Lover's Panegyric
X3Dorff, DanielThe Meaning of Personal Names
X3Devereux, RobertMore Than Just Manitou
X3Marshall, DorenaFrederick's Formal Family
X3Suhor, CharlesThe Pop Grammarians-- Good Intentions, Silly Ideas, and Doublespeak
X3Young, Charles M.An Architectonic of Verbs
X3Turner, G.W.Antipodean English (A Pet Avoision)
X3Sodi, Risa BernsteinEnglish Words in Italian
X3Faust, Richard L.Language Crimes: The Case of the Purloined Negatives
X3Truby, Henry M.Hwat, Hwere, Hwen, Hwich, ... and Hwy
X3Lederer, RichardA Compound Subject
X3Middleton, Thomas H.Clown Talk
X3Webb, PamelaThe Language of History
X4Lazerson, Barbara HuntThe Blendsational Language of Contemporary Commerce
X4Hirschberg, Stephen E.Around the World by Dictionary
X4Trussel, StephenNon-Native Tongues
X4Cochran, LeonardChaucer's Fish
X4Faust, Richard L.Language Crimes: The Case of the Count's Companion
X4Turner, George W.ANTIPODEAN ENGLISH (From Woop Woop to Bullamakanka)
X4Perrick, JosephusA Grandfather Stories Glossary
X4Bennaton, Ann E.Please Don't F*** the Grass
X4Lederer, RichardRhyme Without Reason
X4Tompkins, PatSubtitles: Or, the Forgotten Words
X4Bach, ZelligThe Imperative of Opposites
X4Clark, Thomas L.Gaming and/or Gambling: You pays your money...
XI1Ward, NormanAnd Oh, the Smell of Your Spile...
XI1Faust, Richard L.Language Crimes: The Case of the Missing Vocabulary
XI1Hinton, Sam The Meaning of Scientific Names
XI1Bland, Ph.D., D.S.More Nervous Onomasticae
XI1Lederer, RichardA Quiz About Sexist Language
XI1Turner, G.W.Antipodean Newsletter (Can I have a baby?)
XI1Galef, DavidFrom Za-za to San-san: The Climate of Japanese Onomatopoeia
XI2Lederer, RichardLost Metaphors of Land and Sea
XI2Baron, Dennis E.Is It [mIS] or [mIZ]?
XI2Middleton, Thomas H.Light Refractions
XI2Denny, AlmaDANGER! Letter Loose!
XI2Saltzman, ShelleyComparatively Speaking
XI2Sagoff, MauriceA Special Gift of Words
XI2Brock, CliftonIn Honor of the Occasion
XI2Dugan, LawrenceRose Moles
XI2Fowkes, Robert A.Primults or Protohysts
XI2Phillips, LouisFrom A to Zygoste for Yexing Readers
XI3Lazerson, Barbara HuntWord Play the Media Way
XI3Hirschberg, M.D., Stephen E.Diagnosis: Chronic Progressive Abstrusity
XI3Howard, VirginiaThe Pearl of Hex
XI3Craig, Mary StewartCinq Centmille Diables! W'at Dat Is? Dat's Cajun, I Ga-ron-tee!
XI3Goss, Robert N.The Case of Gender
XI3Auswaks, AlexWhat Mrs. Garnett Never Told Us
XI3Riley, PhilipLexicography in the Scottish Highlands and Islands Cannibalism, Caves, and Amulets
XI3Lederer, RichardPalindromes: The Art of Reverse English
XI3Cole, WilliamConcealed Iranians
XI3Godinez, S. B.The Viking Linguistic Legacy
XI4Prichard, Virginia M.All Present--and Unaccounted for
XI4Minugh, DavidCrank This Sucker Up!
XI4Ferguson, JohnOf Spooner, Spoonerisms and Other Matters
XI4Turner, G.W.Antipodean English (Our Birthstain)
XI4Gorman, MichaelThe Trivial Pursuit of Grammar
XI4Hayes, Timothy D.Good Grief, Maude! It's an Oxymoron!
XI4Fowkes, Robert A.Double Trouble
XI4Feinsilver, Lillian MerminTry It Again, Please
XI4Lederer, RichardThe Violent English Language
XI4Miles, David L.Caveat Viator
XI4Ward, NormanReflections on Indian Words, Among Others
XII1Lederer, RichardBrand New Eponyms
XII1Morgan, Arthur J.In the Name of the Pope
XII1Suderman, ElmerEccentricity in English Lexicography
XII1Holland, Anna and TaffyA Play on Words
XII1Young, Elisabeth LarshIn Praise of Irregularity
XII1Nilsen, Don L. F.Who is Rula Lenska? Some Thoughts on Reference
XII1Howard, PhilipEnglish English (Frenglish)
XII1Galef, DavidLost Tropes
XII1Trumbull, Charles P.Inscrutable Chinese Puzzle: Dialects or Languages?
XII1Graham, Julie ElizabethSpeaking English
XII2Bonner, SteveNullspeak: A Question of Rotating Strawberry Madonnas
XII2Nahmoud, N. C.Landmarks in Arabic
XII2Howard, PhilipEnglish English
XII2Soibelman, DavidNoah Webster--An Appreciation
XII2Turner, George W.Antipodean English (Of Camels and Tamarillos)
XII2Schuchat, TheodorSpherical Containment Device
XII2Middleton, Thomas H.Light Refractions (Puzzling and Processing)
XII2Lederer, RichardWords That Don't Look Right
XII2Bland, D.S.Humpty Dumpty and the Sluggish Slut (or, Subjective Onomatopoeia)
XIII1Kahn, John EllisonPolysemania, Semantic Taint, and Related Conditions
XIII1Lazerson, Barbara HuntPatterned Words and Phrases
XIII1Queenan, JoeWhen Everything Was Everything
XIII1Hirschberg, StephenPlaying Words with Games
XIII1Courtney, RosemaryMapping the Words or How I Justified My Sneck
XIII1Drury, DonaldThe Lofty and/or Assumptive We
XIII1Lederer, RichardMark Twain and the English Language
XIII1Howard, PhilipEnglish English (Take Care)
XIII1Bauerle, Richard F.The Strange and Quarky Language of Physics
XIII1Bria, GeorgeMafia, Cosa Nostra, Camorra, 'Ndrangheta and Mammasantissima
XIII2Lederer, RichardThe True Meaning of Christmas
XIII2Hochberg, BurtOur Playful Vocabulary
XIII2Axton, Paul V.The Nihongo Religion
XIII2Duchon, Paul Future Precedents and Nontoxic Poisons
XIII2Kahn, John E.The Rhetoric of Real Estate
XIII2Turner, George L.Antipodean English (In Praise of Creative Error)
XIII2Felty, James C.Mine Eye May Be Deceiv'd
XIII2Nahmound, N.C.Hawaij in the Washing Machine
XIII3Plotnik, ArthurScience Words for Humanists
XIII3Rasmussen, Robert R.What Do You Call a Person from...?
XIII3Behr, Nehemiah H.Naming-Day in Eden
XIII3Brooke, MaxeyIron Language
XIII3Hirschberg, Stephen E.Turkeys, Bombs, and Other Theatrical Souvenirs
XIII3Katz, Amrom H.Images, Ornithology, and Jargon in the Defense Establishment: Some Reflections on a Refractory Subject
XIII4Veit, RichardFolk Etymology on Campus
XIII4Bonner, SteveThe Deep Structure of Breakfast Cereals
XIII4Abbey, SydneyI, Madam? I'm Adam (and other inconsequential verbal trivia)
XIII4Humphreys, EdgarInto Noah's Ark
XIII4Lederer, RichardThe World According to Student Bloopers
XIII4Baron, DennisPublic Cutespeak
XIII4Howard, PhilipEnglish English (Scab)
XIV1Demy, Nicholas G.Go to the Dictionary, Thou Sluggard
XIV1Cahill, BrianWay To Go, Aubie!
XIV1Soyka, Dan E.Whither Thou, Thee, Thy and Thine
XIV1Cohen, HarryMicrolinguistics
XIV1Howard, VirginiaIn Praise of St. Jerome
XIV1Turner, George W.Antipodean English (Going Decimal)
XIV1Lederer, RichardI before E except...
XIV2Heumann, Karl F.; Wellisch, Hans H.Sinister Dexterity
XIV2Galef, DavidThe Morox
XIV2Busic, Julienne EdenTime and Life
XIV2Turner, George W.Antipodean English (Divided by a Common Tongue)
XIV2Harris, John R.Clue Me in to Anagrams
XIV2Lederer, RichardAmerican Slurvian
XIV3Armstrong, Jr., Walter P.Sherlock Holmes Adds A Word
XIV3Gold, David L.The Poem Recently Attributed to Shakespeare and the Misuse of Dictionaries
XIV3Conniff, RichardPoison Penmanship
XIV3Garfield, JohannaIci On Parle Anglais?
XIV3Gramm, GeneThe Serendipity of Cotyledon
XIV3Lederer, RichardPlaying the Numbers Game
XIV3Henn, Henry'Nam, Gook, Gung-ho: Nonsense
XIV3Turner, George W.Antipodean English (Give a Dog a Bad Name ...)
XIV3Echols, Edward C.Alpha Privative = A-Negative
XIV4Van Gelder, PaulaPoetic Licenses
XIV4Heehs, PeterIndian Words in English: Resident Aliens and Naturalized Citizens
XIV4Lederer, RichardA Man of Fire-new Words
XIV4Hirschberg, Stephen E.Agatha Christie's Works Are Not Legal Fictions
XIV4de Forest, JohnNoticing Nouns
XIV4Bland, D.S.Shakespeare's Legal Language
XIV4Kingscott, GeoffreyLanguage As a Source of Conflict
XIV4Turner, George W.Antipodean Newsletter (The Coming of the Strangers)
XV1Lederer, RichardGunning for the English Language
XV1Bria, GeorgeDuende: Gypsy Soul and Something More
XV1Bauerle, RichardThe Expanding Lexicon of One-letter Words
XV1Davidson, J.A.The Joy of Scottish English: Chambers 20th Century Dictionary
XV1Hynes, JosephDo Mistake—Learn Better
XV1Delaney, ChesterOnomatoplazia
XV1Cannon, GarlandWord Droppings
XV2Power, Helen W.Women on Language; Women in Language
XV2Ilson, RobertHow Big Is Your Dictionary?
XV2McArthur, TomThe Fifth Estate
XV2Brooke, MaxeyTexican
XV2Sharp, DonHidden Compounds
XV2Phillips, LouisMaxwell Bodenheim's Harlem Slang
XV2Davidson, J.A.Of Course, Cuthbert
XV3Sebastian, Robert M.Red Pants
XV3Middleton, Thomas H.LIGHT REFRACTIONS (Muskrats R, Not?)
XV3Turner, George W.Antipodean Newsletter (Water, Water, Nowhere)
XV3Greenwood, DouglasFavorite Grammatical Game: Puzzling Pronouns
XV3Lederer, RichardThe Joys and Oys of Yiddish
XV4Hirschberg, Stephen E.Zap the BEMs! Onward, Space Cadets!
XV4Cohen, HarryThe Cryptic Toolbox
XV4Oppenheim, Peter K.Money of the Realm
XV4Lederer, RichardEnglish Is A Crazy Language
XV4Dougherty, William H.Foreign Correspondents
XV4Lazerson, Barbara HuntLite/Light
XV4Greenwood, DouglasFavorite Grammatical Games: Legerdemain in Two Senses and False Scents
XV4Pal, PratapadityaBrahman or brahman?
XV4Kemp, LysanderMrs. Malaprop in Mexico
XV4Pomfrit, D.A.Verbal Analogies I--Miscellaneous
XVI1Baron, DennisWord Law
XVI1Lederer, RichardThe Strange Case of Doctor Rotcod
XVI1Greenwood, DouglasAnother Grammatical Game: The Foregone Conclusion
XVI1Cannon, GarlandWord Droppings
XVI1Rasmussen, Robert R.Knowing the Fervor with Which You Speak...
XVI1Nilsen, AlleenDon Nilsen, Jean Multer, Fascinating Toponymics--Geographical Names and the Stories They Tell
XVI1Smith, RogerThe Bound and Gagged Morpheme
XVI2Hollander, GraceThe 23rd Psalm and Me, or Has the Nightingale Become a Crow?
XVI2Kimmelman, Benedict B.The Ineffable F -- r-letter Word
XVI2Davidson, J. A.Richard Albert Wilson: The Canadian Scholar on Whom Bernard Shaw Tried to Grind His Alphabet Axe
XVI2Galef, DavidBackwords and Newances
XVI2Bricklin, JonathanWriting the Hard Way
XVI2Pomfrit, D.A.Verbal Analogies II--Miscellaneous
XVI2Richard, Michel P.A Taxonomy of Epigrams
XVI3Dougherty, William H.The Past As Prologue
XVI3Elsberry, Richard B.A Few Words (235 To Be Exact) About the 1980s
XVI3Hirschberg, Stephen E.Lest We Forget
XVI3Lederer, RichardStuff and Nonsense
XVI3Riedel, RuthThe Communication Ravine
XVI3Room, AdrianDon't Get Your Titles In A Twist!
XVI3Christian, RebeccaBlessed Be The Words That Bind
XVI3Alvey, JohnFrançais ou plutôt à la française
XVI3Casey, Richard C.Ipsissimum Verbum
XVI3Queenan, JoeWhat Gall
XVI3Galef, DavidThe Long and the Short of It
XVI3Felts, John H.Bumps, Grinds and Other Lewd (1389) Gestures
XVI4Mason, StanleyThe Germanization of American English
XVI4Lederer, RichardThe Glamour of Grammar
XVI4Cohen, HarryJingo Lingo
XVI4Henry, Elaine T.Nifty Nomenclature
XVI4Whitehead, NicholasTransatlanguage
XVI4Tittensor, JohnNew Blood in the Namestream
XVII1Peterson, Max C.The Language of the Law
XVII1Sypnowich, PeterNeedless to Say
XVII1Pomfrit, D.A.Verbal Analogies V--Divination
XVII2Pascal, PaulWhat's in a Roman Name?
XVII2Bach, ZelligThe Scandalous Yiddish Guide of the Census Bureau
XVII2Sharp, DonTo Abbrev. or Not to Abbreviate
XVII2Gaitonde, Vishwas R.The Sounds of Inglish
XVII2Buller, JonThe Naming of Poisons
XVII2Purves, Alan C.Appositional Elegance A Brief Exposition
XVII2MacKay, Donald A.The Gaelic View of Heather
XVII3Bonner, SteveRedundancy in Natural Languages
XVII3Mason, StanleyLittle Waterloos on Europe's Language Frontiers
XVII3Cushing, StevenMilestones, Footrocks, and Inchpebbles in the Historical Development of Formal Logic
XVII3Dougherty, William H.French Leave
XVII3Vercambre, MichelInstant Welsh
XVII4Galef, DavidThe Niceness Principle
XVII4Bryson, BillEnglish Know-how, No Problem
XVII4Dougherty, William H.Ethnic Slurs and the Avoidance Thereof
XVII4Brown, CraigYou Say Tomato...
XVII4McIntosh, K. H.One for the Road
XVII4Robinson, DavidBad Language and Big Bucks
XVIII1Devereux, RobertPunch on the Bungalow Veranda
XVIII1Yoo, DalThe World of Abbreviations and Acronyms
XVIII1Heinz, John F.fix
XVIII2Sharp, DonSpeaking of the Unmentionables
XVIII2Swift, BobWrenches in the Gorse and Bracken
XVIII2Galef, DavidCross-talk
XVIII2Schofield, David StuartTexas Prison Slang
XVIII2Bernstein, Marc A.Lost Charisma
XVIII2Abate, Frank R.Unraveling the American Place-Name Cover
XVIII2Ober, William B.Writing Maketh an Exact Man
XVIII2Cassidy, John R.There Just Isn't a Word for It
XVIII2Bauerle, R.F.The Power of Doubled Words
XVIII3Sebastian, Robert M.Abusing the King's English
XVIII3Dougherty, William H.Names of Santa Fe
XVIII3King, HelenTo the Foot of the Letter, I'm Listening to a Turkish Sermon!
XVIII3Stark, JackA Wisconsin Supreme Court Dictionary
XVIII3Sharp, DonA Menagerie of Words
XVIII3Lehrer, AdrienneWine Vocabulary and Wine Description
XVIII3Lederer, Jr., Richard M.Colonial American English—Supplement
XVIII4Schindler, Marc A.Politically Correct Nomenclature or, How to Win at Trivial Pursuit and Lose Friends
XVIII4Bach, ZelligThe Gremlins of E.T.
XVIII4Ford, Robert ArchibaldLearn to Spike Lunars
XVIII4Dougherty, William H.Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch ...
XIX1Brashear, WilliamHocus Pocus
XIX1Bernstein, Marc A.A Toast: To the Tautology
XIX1Lowrey, BurlingInvestigating the Racqueteers
XIX1Swift, BobJoin Me For a Spell
XIX1Carver, Craig M.Etymology as Educated Guess
XIX1Simpson, David L.Of "Coat-wearers" and "Kekiongas": Native American Culture and "Indian" Nicknames
XIX2Brunetta, LeslieFrailty, Thy Name Is Bevilacqua!
XIX2Room, AdrianEasy Does It?
XIX2Kahn, JohnLexicographic Quirks and Whimsy
XIX2Schofield, David StuartMore Texas Prison Slang
XIX2Tius, Mary M.The Names of Some North American Indian Tribes
XIX3Galef, DavidWhat a Cliché!
XIX3Quirk, Sir RandolphRhyme and Punishment
XIX3Zhu, WaijuEnglish Loanwords in Chinese
XIX3Cowie, AnthonyReaching for the Ready-Made
XIX3Fowkes, Robert A.Eyebrows and Lowbrows
XIX3Knowles, FrankDictionaries for Advanced Learners and Users of Foreign Languages
XIX3McArthur, TomThe Coming Hybrids
XIX3Allsopp, JeannetteHumor Caribbean Style
XIX3Cassidy, Frederic G.Malcolm
XIX3Bailey, Richard W.Word Watchers: Fitzedward Hall
XIX3Ramson, W.S.Australia and the Environment: the First Fifty Years
XIX3Ilson, RobertPeople of the Books: Biographical Entries in Dictionaries
XIX3Aman, ReinholdVerbal Aggression in The Wizard of Oz
XIX3Bailey, BelMottoes from Zetland
XIX3Berlyne, AlexFront Back-axle
XIX3Room, Adrian"Tide-end town, which is Teddington" (or is it?)
XIX3Dougherty, William H.In the Name of Revolution
XIX3Johnson, MichaelTomorrow's Business Buzzwords
XIX3Rickerby, DavidBird Talk
XIX3Dodge, Douglas S.Why All Living Things Have Latin Names
XIX4Berlyne, AlexDickey Ticker
XIX4Bailey, BelSussex Speak
XIX4Major, AlanThe Language of Past Money
XIX4Galef, DavidHow to Gain Proverbial Wisdom, or It Takes One to Know One
XIX4Balado-Lopez, DanielThunderboxes and Chuggies
XIX4Wagner, GeoffreyWindy English
XIX4Cochrane, Robertson'Ard Lines
XX1Ayto, JohnThe Titled Proletariat
XX1Bailey, BelRoundabout East Anglia
XX1Tius, Mary M.Vestiges
XX1Ingleson, SharonFuture Difficulties
XX1Herman, Louis JayWhat's in an Article?
XX1Balado-Lopez, DanielDeveloping Dictionaries
XX1Zhu, WeijuDerogatory Epithets for Foreigners in Chinese
XX1Pritchard, HubertWhatever Happened to Frank Beriberi?
XX1Eskenazi, GeraldOf Eating Rubber and Sno-cones
XX2Davidson, J.A.Some Fundamentals of Fundamentalism
XX2Bailey, Richard W.Literally,...
XX2Galef, DavidThe Pause That Refreshes
XX2Cochrane, RobertsonNiggles in a Haystack
XX2Tius, Mary M.Hand-me-downs
XX2Major, AlanWhat's "In"; a Kentish Saying?
XX3Kahn, JohnCynical Definitions and Funny Phrasebooks
XX3Tritten, LarryUnmasking the Metaphor
XX3Ross, Nigel J.Beyond Blue Chips, Bulls and Bears
XX3Cochrane, RobertsonMy Tainted Ain't
XX3Ecott, MartynThe Franglais Blues
XX3Ramson, W.S.Antipodean English
XX4Egan, GaryWordplay
XX4Tius, Mary M.Barbarians: Babbling, Bearded, Bizarre
XX4Major, AlanSpeaking with a Horse Voice
XX4Cochrane, RobertSpeaking of the Ineffable
XX4Ramson, W.S.Westward Ho
XX4Nelson, GeraldWar and the OED
XX4Brearley, SamSchadenfreude
XX4Whitehead, AllisonTitillating Titles
XXI1Bennett, MartinThe Lamps of Speech
XXI1Tius, Mary M.Stress
XXI1Bailey, BelSlang from Greyfriars
XXI1Blackford, PaulSome English Loanwords in Thai
XXI1Schindler, Marc A."Schindler's List" of Ashkenaz's Names
XXI1Ramson, W.S.Tassie Terms
XXI1Cochrane, RobertsonVerbum Sap The Media Is the Message
XXI2Cushing, StevenPlane Speaking
XXI2Netsky, Martin G.What Is Dementia?
XXI2Stages, LeoThe True Meaning of Christmas
XXI2Indictor, NyrReading Non-Sequentially: The Peculiar Kanbun System
XXI2Dougherty, William H.A Balance of Trade
XXI2Galef, DavidSound and Sense
XXI2Abootty, O.How Manieth?
XXI2Tius, Mary M.Borrowings
XXI2Fisk, AlanLiving with Fossilized Ears
XXI2Cochrane, RobertsonTo Verb or Not to Verb
XXI3Ross, Nigel J.Wot's de rite spellin', den?
XXI3Saporta, SolExpressions for Sexual Harassment: a Semantic Hole
XXI3Champlin, Richard L.Language at Bay
XXI3Indictor, NyrOn Beyond Zebra, or, the No-Longer-Roman Alphabet
XXI3Kelly, Raymond M.Mountain Talk
XXI3Ramson, BillOf Surf and Such
XXI3Cochrane, RobertsonPar for the Coarse
XXI3Constantine, P.Chin-banging: Tough English Words in Japanese Teen Slang
XXI4Stough, CharlesInsulting Nicknames Give Journalists Something to Be Proud of
XXI4Major, AlanEndearment Elucidation, or Love By Any Other Name
XXI4Dougherty, William H.Crossing
XXI4Bencze, ElizabethEnglish Arrivals in Hungary
XXI4Blackford, PaulBespeaking a Muse or What?
XXI4Lowrey, BurlingClassic Wit
XXI4Dobson, RogerNo Nicknames in the Valleys
XXI4Ramson, W.S.Probably, possibly, perhaps
XXI4Cochrane, RobertsonMe and Empathy
XXII1Mohapatra, Ashok K.Politicking with Words: On Ideology and Dictionary Meaning
XXII1Emerson, Ralph H.Horse Words in a Motor Age
XXII1Egan, GaryChunnel Vision
XXII1Howard, Hilary M.No Boys Named Sue, But...
XXII1Bowmer, RosemaryProper Words in Proper Places
XXII1Betts, JeromeAll in the Family
XXII1Champlin, Richard L.On Good Terms
XXII1Millar, R.You can have your cake and eat it
XXII1Constantine, PeterEnglish on the Serbian Front
XXII1Millar, R.Et tu, Brutus, old chap!
XXII1Davidson, J. A.The joy of jabberwocking
XXII2MacIntosh, DonaldFrench Lessons in Lallans
XXII2Wood, CarlAn Aye for an Aye
XXII2Kahn, John EllisonFalls the Shadow
XXII2Adams, RobertTowards a New Literature
XXII2Cochrane, RobertsonHa...ha...have one on me!
XXII2Ramson, BillFamous Australian Etymologies
XXII2Major, AlanA Catalogue of Cats
XXII3Isaacson, DavidPower Users Dump Baudy Language: The Ambivalent Nature of Computer Slang
XXII3Room, AdrianFrom China to Peru: An Oriental Odyssey
XXII3Blackford, PaulJapanese Pop Group Nomenclature
XXII3Nicholls, SimonCasanova's English
XXII3Felts, John H.Safire's Syndrome
XXII3MacIntosh, DonaldThe Way That They Tell 'em
XXII3Ramson, Bill More Famous Australian Etymologies
XXII3Emerson, Ralph H.Some Secrets of English Nicknames
XXII3Temianka, DanielBadges Redux
XXII3Wertheim, NaftaliEnglish As She Is Minced
XXII3Dougherty, William H.Feminine Goldfish and Other Hybrids
XXII3Musgrave, JohnUp or Down to You
XXII3Ronnick, Michele ValerieA Fourth Use of the Verb Rodomontade in the Eighteenth Century
XXII4MacIntosh, DonaldJam Pass Die
XXII4Briggs, DougThe Day They Took the Peck out of Pecksniffian
XXII4Ross, Nigel J.A Proper Look at Verbs
XXII4Schindler, Marc A.Elementary, My Dear Mendeleev
XXII4Seabrook, MikeAll Gone Pear-Shaped: Opportunities for Misunderstanding the Police
XXII4Mansbridge, RonaldThe Intrusive s
XXII4Thorpe, John E.The Game of the Name
XXII4Galef, DavidF U Cn Rd Ths ...
XXII4Ramson, BillThe ABC of Broadcasting Australian
XXIII1Schindler, Marc A.(Dia)critic's Corner
XXIII1Richler, HowardGalling Gallicisms of Quebec English
XXIII1Temianka, DanielThe King of Wordsmiths
XXIII1Davidson, J. A.The Problem of Names
XXIII1Crilly, JosephineTurning To Nod Goodbye
XXIII1Ramson, BillDharuk Words In English
XXIII1Woolner, RosalindIt Figures
XXIII2Guyol, Hazel SampleA Yankee Dime and Other Reginal Expressions
XXIII2Mathew, DavidAnti-Language
XXIII2Betts, JeromeThe Grockles of Goodrington
XXIII2Schindler, Marc A."Latter-day" English
XXIII2Cushing, Ph.D., StevenThe Meaning of Murder
XXIII2Marco, MargaretThe Staff of Life
XXIII2Brashear, WilliamFo Er Si Guo Er and The Cross-Eyed Bear (or: Of Oronyms and Other Literary Trompes l'Oeil/Oreille)
XXIII3Room, AdrianBy Their Notes Ye Shall Know Them: A Look at Onomatopoeic Ornithonymy
XXIII3Tius, Mary M.Muddled Meaning
XXIII3Bailey, BelSalty Sayings from Cornwall
XXIII3Ramson, BillSettlement by Sea
XXIII3Ramson, BillThe Case of Nyungar
XXIII3Tius, Mary M.Deranged Diction
XXIII4Humez, NickPeriodic Table Manners
XXIII4Hall, Joan HoustonDARE-More Than Halfway There
XXIII4Rubrecht, AugustExploring the Lexicon with Natives of North America
XXIII4Galef, DavidUps and Downs
XXIII4Newman, Jon O.Word Words
XXIII4Saporta, SolOn the So-called "Debate" over Black English
XXIII4Sheidlower, JesseRevising The F-Word
XXIII4Tius, Mary M.Lost and Foundering
XXIV1Rawson, HughBowderlism in the Barnyard
XXIV1Sampson, Paul J.Airspeak
XXIV1Pratt, Daniel L.A Brief History of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD)
XXIV1Galef, DavidHow To Speak Like A Corporation
XXIV1Humez, NickClassical Blather (On the Art of Translation, and Vice Versa)
XXIV1Hall, TonyThe Things That People Say
XXIV1Dougherty, William H.Bromides
XXIV1Bernard, Thomas L. Onomastica: Ultimate Consonant Duplication
XXIV1Felts, John H.More Servings From the Periodic Table
XXIV1Armstong, David G.A Calendrical Sentence Explored
XXIV1Blau, Dr. KarlFamily Saga
XXIV1Holmes-Moss, IdaThe Language of Plants and Flowers
XXIV1Howarth, PamelaA Little Latin is a Dangerous Thing
XXIV1MacIntosh, DonaldThe Last Pibroch
XXIV1Rubrecht, AugustWhy Have We Got Have Got?
XXIV1Ronnick, Michele ValerieThe First Use of the Latinate Adjective Fluxionary in the Twentieth Century
XXIV2Considine, JohnReading the Traces of James Murray in the Oxford English Dictionary
XXIV2Randall, Jessy; Woloson, WendyAssing Around
XXIV2Murphy, M. LynneRacing for Definitions in South Africa
XXIV2Fischer, HenryWhat?s the French for "Fiddle de dee"? (poem)
XXIV2Coward, MatBona Palare: The Language of Round the Horne
XXIV2Bready, RichardGraphic Account (poem)
XXIV2Humez, NickClassical Blather (On Blue Moons, and Others)
XXIV2Cushing, StephenAll About All
XXIV2Collins, ValerieByte Bonding, Bit-bangers, and BLOBS
XXIV2Slap, Joseph K.Fun Things to Say in Spanish, French, & English
XXIV2Richler, HowardHearing is in the Ear of the Listener
XXIV3Adams, MichaelSlayer Slang (Part 1)
XXIV3Buchanan, M.A.Identity and Language in the SM Scene
XXIV3Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXIV3Fischer, HenryA Backhanded Pardon (poem)
XXIV3Wiener, GaryI May Already Be a Wiener
XXIV3Elkins, SusanA Bestiary of Adjectives
XXIV3Nuttall, MartinIt?s All Double Janglish to Me!
XXIV3Humez, NickClassical Blather (Juney ?Toons)
XXIV3Saporta, SolWidows, Orphans, and ? ? Semantic Holes
XXIV3Kern, John KonradWords for Their Own Sake
XXIV3Holan, FrankBats as Symbols
XXIV3Egan, Garyfrom A Dictionary of Interesting Collisions
XXIV3McKean, ErinIntolerable Intolerance, Redux
XXIV4Adams, MichaelSlayer Slang (Part 2)
XXIV4McKinzey, RimaBetween the Parentheses: A Pron Chick reports from the Front Lines
XXIV4Galef, DavidPrimer (poem)
XXIV4Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXIV4Morris, JohnAvoiding Offense
XXIV4Saporta, SolOn the Use of Niggardly
XXIV4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Money Talks)
XXIV4Behling, JimThe Foreignym
XXIV4Haubrich, William S.Menckenisms
XXV/a>1Cates, David C.Where Did He Put the Pen of My Aunt? Navajo Revealed
XXV1May, PeteBritish Football Chants
XXV1Murphy, M. LynneExcerpts from the Baylor College Linguistics Scavenger Hunt
XXV1Ronnick, Michele ValerieFrom Josephus?s Jewish War to the American Civil War: Charles Francis Adams, Jr.?s "Dead Sea Apple"
XXV1Elkin, SusanTo What End Gender Endings?
XXV1Bennett, MartinFrom Ragusa to Lombard Street
XXV1Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXV1Kleinedler, SteveHave Your Salt and Eat It, Too
XXV1Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (column)
XXV1Randall, JessyA Visit from Aunt Rose: Euphemisms (and Pejoratives) for Menstruation
XXV1Humez, NickClassical Blather (Chances Are)
XXV2Rosenthal, GloriaBroadway Musicals?Terms and Traditions
XXV2Sutherland, FraserThe Language of Porn Sites
XXV2Cushing, StevenEvolution: Just a Theory?
XXV2Humez, NickClassical Blather (It?s About Time)
XXV2Considine, JohnAntedatings and Supplementary Material for OED from a Correspondent of Browne Willis (1712)
XXV2Dougherty, William H.Fillers
XXV2Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXV2Baldwin, BarryClassical Swearing: A Vade-Mecum
XXV2Orza, LuisaWord Tax
XXV2Hanley, Brian J.An Amendment to the OED?s Definition of "Catchpenny"
XXV2Room, AdrianBottom, Thou Art Translated
XXV2Britten, SidHave You Read Marx?
XXV3Emerson, Ralph H.The Most Lively Consonants in the World
XXV3Gordon, D., and Spear, R.L.Baby-san?s Lingo
XXV3Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXV3Baker, AidanFive Legislations (poem)
XXV3Humez, NickClassical Blather (Getting Out the Vote)
XXV3Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Some High and Low Cs)
XXV3Howard, HilaryBerthing the Verbiage
XXV3Richler, HowardThe OED Online
XXV3Betts, JeromeName of a Dog
XXV4Finz, Steven R.The New Profanity
XXV4Hall, TonyThe Mouths of Yarmouth
XXV4Felts, SusannahLove Letters (Some Thoughts on the Dictionary)
XXV4Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXV4Randall, JessyBlah, Blah, Blah, Etcetera
XXV4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Funny Animals)
XXV4Lieberman, E. JamesEsperanto: Language for Everyone
XXV4Esterhill, FrankInterlingua--RIP
XXV4Heacock, Paul; Cassidy, Carol-JuneArtistic Endeavors
XXVI1Urdang, LaurenceToday?s Lesson
XXVI1Humez, NickClassical Blather (Silly Songs)
XXVI1Considine, JohnTwelve Notes on the Canadian Oxford Dictionary
XXVI1Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Where Do They Come From?)
XXVI1Elkin, SusanEnglish Place Names
XXVI1Shapiro, FredGeorge Orwell, Meet Regis
XXVI1Galef, DavidPlain Talk, or the Case of the Vanishing Vocabulary
XXVI1Baker, AidanThe Use of Quotes (poem)
XXVI1Blackford, PaulBangkok Unabridged
XXVI1Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVI1Felts, John H. Lapsed Language of Appalachia
XXVI1Fischer, Henry GeorgeAh! Ah! Elle est bien bonne! (poem)
XXVI2Randall, JessyWizard Words: The Literary, Latin, and Lexical Origins of Harry Potter?s Vocabulary
XXVI2Garvey, GraemeProverbs Up-To-Date
XXVI2Mills, DennisAn Alphabetaphile?s Outrage Wherein Caedmon?s ancestors blunder and we pay the price
XXVI2Humez, NickClassical Blather (-ists, -ites, and Other Ends)
XXVI2Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVI2Shapiro, Fred R.The Humble Origins of the Chad
XXVI2Betts, JeromeHell Is All Around
XXVI2Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (X Files)
XXVI2Fischer, Henry GeorgeHazlitt On Wit (poem)
XXVI2Emerson, Ralph H.Denaturized Profanity in English
XXVI2Elkin, SusanOut of the Mouths of ? Twins
XXVI3Liberman, AnatolySkip to the Loo: Loo in Its (Indo-) European Context
XXVI3Clankie, Shawn M.Why Bud Weiser Can Sell Cars (But Not Beer)
XXVI3Litt, Marilyn KnappConfessions of a Pert Aleck
XXVI3Smith, RogerMedical Malapropisms What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear
XXVI3Humez, NickClassical Blather (Eponymous Ailments)
XXVI3Coward, MatHorribile Dictu
XXVI3Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Catching Some Zees)
XXVI3Shapiro, JulietteThesaurusising: A Little-Known Art
XXVI3Brookes, IanThe Ones That Got Away Some Words That Escaped from the Chambers Dictionary
XXVI3Galef, DavidSpelt as It Sounds
XXVI3Warburton, MikePub Names in the 21st Century
XXVI3Bernard, Thomas L. Noncing the Indefinite Article, or, Do You Have a Nuncle?
XXVI3Ronnick, Michele ValerieA Note on the Origin of Tall Poppy and Tall Poppy Syndrome
XXVI3Dougherty, William H.Prepositional Epiphany
XXVI4Stevens, AlLip Control
XXVI4Whitehead, Allison(Mis)interpretation?
XXVI4Lederer, RichardHow Wise Is Proverbial Wisdom?
XXVI4Cassidy, Carol-June and Paul HeacockBook Words
XXVI4Hoptman, AriA Possible Origin of Flash Flood
XXVI4Neethling, BertieThe "Phenomenon Calendar" of the Xhosa
XXVI4Shapiro, Fred R.HarpWeek: Full-Text Searching of History
XXVI4Veihdeffer, JeffBogus E-Mail Subject Lines
XXVI4Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVI4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Baddabing, Baddabang)
XXVI4Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Some Ado About Nothings)
XXVI4Fischer, Henry GeorgeFirst Person Singular (poem)
XXVI4Urdang, LaurenceReview of Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography
XXVI4Bailey, Richard W.Review of The Warden of English
XXVI4McKean, ErinReview of How Language Comes to Children
XXVII1Hargraves, OrinRendering the Language of Daad
XXVII1Eskenazi, GeraldUnexpected Surprises
XXVII1Galef, DavidA Column on Columns
XXVII1Wood, D. RussThe Slang of the Day
XXVII1Powell, SteveFancy a Viking, Sooty?
XXVII1McKean, ErinL33t-sp34k
XXVII1Bennet, Martin WilmotPalaver Sauce
XXVII1Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVII1Humez, NickClassical Blather (Certain Somebodies)
XXVII1Sutherland, FraserReview of Why We Curse
XXVII1Kleinedler, SteveReview of Vanishing Voices
XXVII1Deimling, KateReview of Language Play
XXVII1McKean, ErinReview of The Way We Talk Now
XXVII2Schliefer, RobA Nocturnal View of the Lunar Landscape
XXVII2Randall, JessyAnything But Pregnant
XXVII2Emerson, RalphB is for Body
XXVII2Beam, MatthewSympathy and Empathy
XXVII2Galef, DavidThe Trouble With Janus Words
XXVII2Elkin, SusanEpithets: the Great, the Good, the Golden-tongued and the Terrible
XXVII2Gani, MartinColourful Language
XXVII2Betts, JeromeDog-Lime Days
XXVII2Room, AdrianAnimal Lamina
XXVII2Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVII2Humez, NickClassical Blather (Weird Tools, Improbable Jobs)
XXVII2Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns: Some Goode Olde Englishe Dirte (column)
XXVII2Deimling, BrianReview of Cattus Petasatus, by Jennifer and Terrence Tunberg
XXVII2McKean, ErinReview of The Dictionary of Wordplay, by Dave Morice
XXVII3Costikyan, GregTalk Like a Gamer
XXVII3Shapiro, JulietteA Tuesday Afternoon With Hunter Diack
XXVII3Lowrey, BurlingNotes on Meiosis
XXVII3Juniper, DeanMore 180° Homonyms
XXVII3Lederer, RichardStamp Out Fadspeak
XXVII3Bentley, TomChecking Your References
XXVII3Gani, MartinEnglish in Italy
XXVII3Kedzierski, RobertaEasy As ABC?
XXVII3Richler, HowardWords: The Stealth Weapon of War
XXVII3Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns: Kettel Kall (column)
XXVII3Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVII3Humez, NickClassical Blather (Uncle Fud)
XXVII3Sutherland, FraserReview of The Encyclopedia of Civil War Usage, by Webb Garrison
XXVII4Whelan, RichardAmerican Spelling Reform
XXVII4Randall, JessyThe Sneeze: More Than Just Ah-choo and Bless You
XXVII4Shapiro, Fred R.The Politically Correct U.S. Supreme Court and the Motherfucking Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
XXVII4Whitehead, AllisonJumpers and Rounders and Tops, Oh My
XXVII4Betts, JeromeTo Curf and Thrash, and Vex and Dash
XXVII4Ross, Nigel J.A Headful of Words
XXVII4Quinion, MichaelWord Sites Online
XXVII4Ladds, TonyAn Appeal to Writers Everywhere
XXVII4Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVII4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Quaint Crimes, Archaic Punishments)
XXVII4McKean, ErinReview of Predicting New Words, by Allan Metcalf
XXVIII1Young, WilliamTranslating the Language of Birds
XXVIII1Miller, Kathleen E.War Is Hell, Naming Them Ain't Too Easy Either
XXVIII1Falcon, MelanieEverything You Always Wanted To Know about Pig Latin But Were Afraid To Ask
XXVIII1Gani, MartinSay It With Words
XXVIII1Stone, DevorahGetting Hitched or Shacking Up and Other Domestic Arrangements
XXVIII1Hall, Keith J.What's So T about a T-Shirt?
XXVIII1Hargraves, OrinPrewarned is Prearmed
XXVIII1Sheil, PatI Before E?
XXVIII1Rubrecht, AugustThe Verbal Ape
XXVIII1Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII1Humez, NickClassical Blather (Hellenic Damnation and Other Afterlives)
XXVIII1Pearsons, EnidTwo New Kids on the Block (review)
XXVIII1McKean, ErinMiscellaneous Bibliographia (review)
XXVIII2McFedries, PaulSeinfeldisms
XXVIII2Warburton, MikeProduct Names
XXVIII2Lederer, RichardThe Case For Small Words
XXVIII2Elkin, SusanGoing But Not Quite Gone
XXVIII2Youngblood,Mike Such a Fine Pot of Curry
XXVIII2Galef, DavidDiction Slips
XXVIII2Baldwin, BarryGod-Damns
XXVIII2Shields, DavidWords Can't Begin to Describe What I'm Feeling
XXVIII2Murray, WilliamNo Trivial Matter
XXVIII2Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII2Humez, NickClassical Blather (Pants on Fire)
XXVIII2McKean, ErinEx Cathedra
XXVIII2Fischer, Henry GeorgeLame Words (poem)
XXVIII2Rustin, DanDear Editor (poem)
XXVIII3Wilton, DaveA Hoagie By Any Other Name
XXVIII3Redfern, WalterGreguerias: Squeaks/Pipsqueaks?
XXVIII3Lawson, SteveBlog This
XXVIII3Betts, JeromeTom Pearce, Tom Pearce, Lend Me Your Good Ear
XXVIII3Jones, Gordon S.Ersatz Languages
XXVIII3Tritten, LarryLet There Be Light
XXVIII3Bayliss, PaulFamous Last Words
XXVIII3Rosenthal, GloriaYou?ve Got Game
XXVIII3Coward, MatHorribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII3Humez, NickClassical Blather (It?s Only Music, Don?t Be Scherzo)
XXVIII3Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Latin Lovers)
XXVIII3Adams, MichaelReview of Rogue Scholar by Richard W. Bailey
XXVIII3Kaplan, RonReview of The Hidden Language of Baseball, by Paul Dickson
XXVIII3Sutherland, FraserReview of Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions by Orin Hargraves
XXVIII4Ostler, RosemarieSearching for the First Words
XXVIII4Randall, JessySpeak of the Devil: Dangerous Names
XXVIII4Wilkens, KathrynLetters Can Be Words
XXVIII4Queano, SharonTranslators: Know Thy Culture
XXVIII4Huebl, JohnRumplestiltskin or Rumpelstiltskin?
XXVIII4Kane, TimTeacherese
XXVIII4Schaalje, JacquelineWitty Dutch Neologisms
XXVIII4Whitehead, AllisonWords That Sell
XXVIII4Bull, GiffordWords in the North and South
XXVIII4Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Jane?s World)
XXVIII4Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXVIII4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Sententiae Antiquae)
XXVIII4Yuran, Robin R.THEY (poem)
XXVIII4Fischer, Henry GeorgeA Pun Expunged (poem)
XXIX1van Male, ThoraInside the Academie
XXIX1Hall, KeithSimply Singlish
XXIX1McDonald, MadeleineTwo Fingers Up to the French
XXIX1Conti, EdmundNotes from a Cross and Down Competitor
XXIX1Galef, DavidFighting the Contras
XXIX1Rosenberg, EdRevert, Pervert!
XXIX1Shapiro, Fred R.Eighteen Century Collections Online: The Words and Images of History
XXIX1Block, A.H.A Glib Punner?s Bright Scheme
XXIX1Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Another Grose-Out)
XXIX1Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXIX1Humez, NickClassical Blather (Amongst Our Weaponry)
XXIX1Kaplan, RonReview of Dewdroppers, Waldos, and Slackers by Rosemarie Ostler
XXIX1Bunting, Sarah D.Modern American Usage, 2e, by Bryan Garner
XXIX2Schleifer, RobAlchemical Calques, or the Transmutation of Language
XXIX2Wilson, Douglas G.Bacronymic Etymythologies
XXIX2Lederer, RichardPresidential Words
XXIX2Rennick, Robert M.I Didn?t Catch Your Name
XXIX2Darragh, SimonThe Ethnocentricity of E-mail
XXIX2Elkin, SusanLipograms: The Presence of Absence
XXIX2Conley, CraigThe Skinny on The Dictionary of One-Letter Words
XXIX2Peters, MarkHoly Crapola!
XXIX2Eskenazi, GregOffending Words
XXIX2Conti, EdmundGood Cop, Bad Cop
XXIX2Baldwin, BarryAs the Word Turns (Y, O Y)
XXIX2Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXIX2Humez, NickClassical Blather (Whatsinames and Thingamajigs)
XXIX3Randall, JessyYou Sucker! Participatory Humor
XXIX3Percy, TonyHogamous, Higamous!
XXIX3Davis, J. J.Verlan: The French Pig Latin
XXIX3Meyer, Nicolas E.(Not) Spelling It Out For You
XXIX3Galef, DavidR. A. Acronyms
XXIX3Isaacson, DavidEmail and Good Writing
XXIX3Ginzbursky, FlorenceThe Joy of English
XXIX3Gani, MartinCheers
XXIX3Tritten, LarryA Short Hike Through Arroyo Lingo
XXIX3Passingham, ClareOf Clouds and Clootie Dumplings
XXIX3Conti, EdmundVoice Over (poem)
XXIX3Veihdeffer, JimTurning Spam into Haiku
XXIX3Basalyga, AnnetteL (poem)
XXIX3Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXIX3Humez, NickClassical Blather (Stuff and Nonsense)
XXIX3Bierma, NathanReview of The Elephants of Style by Bill Walsh
XXIX3Kaplan, RonReview of Word Myths by David Wilton and Ballyhoo, Buckaroo, and Spuds by Michael Quinion
XXIX3Kaplan, RonReview of Do You Speak American by Robert MacNeil and William Cran
XXIX4Neethling, BertieName Choices Among the Xhosa of South Africa
XXIX4Lederer, RichardFoxen in the Henhice
XXIX4Fischer, HenryAbedecedary Musings (poem)
XXIX4Peters, MarkLike a Hyphen between Troubled Words
XXIX4Conley, CraigAn Entire Alphabet of Scarlet Letters
XXIX4Page, James LynnLet?s Ban These Words (and Why)
XXIX4Starkey, WaltVocabulary Acrobatics
XXIX4Rennick, Robert MOffensive Names
XXIX4Geller, ConradA Lost Dialect
XXIX4Betts, JeromeFrom Hand to Mouse
XXIX4Coward, MatHorrible Dictu (column)
XXIX4Humez, NickClassical Blather (Eons and -eons)
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