Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XVII 1 Peterson, Max C. The Language of the Law
XVII 1 Sypnowich, Peter Needless to Say
XVII 1 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies V–Divination
XVII 2 Pascal, Paul What’s in a Roman Name?
XVII 2 Bach, Zellig The Scandalous Yiddish Guide of the Census Bureau
XVII 2 Sharp, Don To Abbrev. or Not to Abbreviate
XVII 2 Gaitonde, Vishwas R. The Sounds of Inglish
XVII 2 Buller, Jon The Naming of Poisons
XVII 2 Purves, Alan C. Appositional Elegance A Brief Exposition
XVII 2 MacKay, Donald A. The Gaelic View of Heather
XVII 3 Bonner, Steve Redundancy in Natural Languages
XVII 3 Mason, Stanley Little Waterloos on Europe’s Language Frontiers
XVII 3 Cushing, Steven Milestones, Footrocks, and Inchpebbles in the Historical Development of Formal Logic
XVII 3 Dougherty, William H. French Leave
XVII 3 Vercambre, Michel Instant Welsh
XVII 4 Galef, David The Niceness Principle
XVII 4 Bryson, Bill English Know-how, No Problem
XVII 4 Dougherty, William H. Ethnic Slurs and the Avoidance Thereof
XVII 4 Brown, Craig You Say Tomato…
XVII 4 McIntosh, K. H. One for the Road
XVII 4 Robinson, David Bad Language and Big Bucks
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