Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXV 1 Cates, David C. Where Did He Put the Pen of My Aunt? Navajo Revealed
XXV 1 May, Pete British Football Chants
XXV 1 Murphy, M. Lynne Excerpts from the Baylor College Linguistics Scavenger Hunt
XXV 1 Ronnick, Michele Valerie From Josephus¹s Jewish War to the American Civil War: Charles Francis Adams, Jr.¹s “Dead Sea Apple”
XXV 1 Elkin, Susan To What End Gender Endings?
XXV 1 Bennett, Martin From Ragusa to Lombard Street
XXV 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 1 Kleinedler, Steve Have Your Salt and Eat It, Too
XXV 1 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (column)
XXV 1 Randall, Jessy A Visit from Aunt Rose: Euphemisms (and Pejoratives) for Menstruation
XXV 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Chances Are)
XXV 2 Rosenthal, Gloria Broadway Musicals‹Terms and Traditions
XXV 2 Sutherland, Fraser The Language of Porn Sites
XXV 2 Cushing, Steven Evolution: Just a Theory?
XXV 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (It¹s About Time)
XXV 2 Considine, John Antedatings and Supplementary Material for OED from a Correspondent of Browne Willis (1712)
XXV 2 Dougherty, William H. Fillers
XXV 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 2 Baldwin, Barry Classical Swearing: A Vade-Mecum
XXV 2 Orza, Luisa Word Tax
XXV 2 Hanley, Brian J. An Amendment to the OED¹s Definition of “Catchpenny”
XXV 2 Room, Adrian Bottom, Thou Art Translated
XXV 2 Britten, Sid Have You Read Marx?
XXV 3 Emerson, Ralph H. The Most Lively Consonants in the World
XXV 3 Gordon, D., and Spear, R.L. Baby-san¹s Lingo
XXV 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 3 Baker, Aidan Five Legislations (poem)
XXV 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Getting Out the Vote)
XXV 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Some High and Low Cs)
XXV 3 Howard, Hilary Berthing the Verbiage
XXV 3 Richler, Howard The OED Online
XXV 3 Betts, Jerome Name of a Dog
XXV 4 Finz, Steven R. The New Profanity
XXV 4 Hall, Tony The Mouths of Yarmouth
XXV 4 Felts, Susannah Love Letters (Some Thoughts on the Dictionary)
XXV 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 4 Randall, Jessy Blah, Blah, Blah, Etcetera
XXV 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Funny Animals)
XXV 4 Lieberman, E. James Esperanto: Language for Everyone
XXV 4 Esterhill, Frank Interlingua–RIP
XXV 4 Heacock, Paul; Cassidy, Carol-June Artistic Endeavors
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