Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXII 1 Mohapatra, Ashok K. Politicking with Words: On Ideology and Dictionary Meaning
XXII 1 Emerson, Ralph H. Horse Words in a Motor Age
XXII 1 Egan, Gary Chunnel Vision
XXII 1 Howard, Hilary M. No Boys Named Sue, But…
XXII 1 Bowmer, Rosemary Proper Words in Proper Places
XXII 1 Betts, Jerome All in the Family
XXII 1 Champlin, Richard L. On Good Terms
XXII 1 Millar, R. You can have your cake and eat it
XXII 1 Constantine, Peter English on the Serbian Front
XXII 1 Millar, R. Et tu, Brutus, old chap!
XXII 1 Davidson, J. A. The joy of jabberwocking
XXII 2 MacIntosh, Donald French Lessons in Lallans
XXII 2 Wood, Carl An Aye for an Aye
XXII 2 Kahn, John Ellison Falls the Shadow
XXII 2 Adams, Robert Towards a New Literature
XXII 2 Cochrane, Robertson Ha…ha…have one on me!
XXII 2 Ramson, Bill Famous Australian Etymologies
XXII 2 Major, Alan A Catalogue of Cats
XXII 3 Isaacson, David Power Users Dump Baudy Language: The Ambivalent Nature of Computer Slang
XXII 3 Room, Adrian From China to Peru: An Oriental Odyssey
XXII 3 Blackford, Paul Japanese Pop Group Nomenclature
XXII 3 Nicholls, Simon Casanova’s English
XXII 3 Felts, John H. Safire’s Syndrome
XXII 3 MacIntosh, Donald The Way That They Tell ’em
XXII 3 Ramson, Bill More Famous Australian Etymologies
XXII 3 Emerson, Ralph H. Some Secrets of English Nicknames
XXII 3 Temianka, Daniel Badges Redux
XXII 3 Wertheim, Naftali English As She Is Minced
XXII 3 Dougherty, William H. Feminine Goldfish and Other Hybrids
XXII 3 Musgrave, John Up or Down to You
XXII 3 Ronnick, Michele Valerie A Fourth Use of the Verb Rodomontade in the Eighteenth Century
XXII 4 MacIntosh, Donald Jam Pass Die
XXII 4 Briggs, Doug The Day They Took the Peck out of Pecksniffian
XXII 4 Ross, Nigel J. A Proper Look at Verbs
XXII 4 Schindler, Marc A. Elementary, My Dear Mendeleev
XXII 4 Seabrook, Mike All Gone Pear-Shaped: Opportunities for Misunderstanding the Police
XXII 4 Mansbridge, Ronald The Intrusive s
XXII 4 Thorpe, John E. The Game of the Name
XXII 4 Galef, David F U Cn Rd Ths …
XXII 4 Ramson, Bill The ABC of Broadcasting Australian
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