Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXI 1 Bennett, Martin The Lamps of Speech
XXI 1 Tius, Mary M. Stress
XXI 1 Bailey, Bel Slang from Greyfriars
XXI 1 Blackford, Paul Some English Loanwords in Thai
XXI 1 Schindler, Marc A. “Schindler’s List” of Ashkenaz’s Names
XXI 1 Ramson, W.S. Tassie Terms
XXI 1 Cochrane, Robertson Verbum Sap The Media Is the Message
XXI 2 Cushing, Steven Plane Speaking
XXI 2 Netsky, Martin G. What Is Dementia?
XXI 2 Stages, Leo The True Meaning of Christmas
XXI 2 Indictor, Nyr Reading Non-Sequentially: The Peculiar Kanbun System
XXI 2 Dougherty, William H. A Balance of Trade
XXI 2 Galef, David Sound and Sense
XXI 2 Abootty, O. How Manieth?
XXI 2 Tius, Mary M. Borrowings
XXI 2 Fisk, Alan Living with Fossilized Ears
XXI 2 Cochrane, Robertson To Verb or Not to Verb
XXI 3 Ross, Nigel J. Wot’s de rite spellin’, den?
XXI 3 Saporta, Sol Expressions for Sexual Harassment: a Semantic Hole
XXI 3 Champlin, Richard L. Language at Bay
XXI 3 Indictor, Nyr On Beyond Zebra, or, the No-Longer-Roman Alphabet
XXI 3 Kelly, Raymond M. Mountain Talk
XXI 3 Ramson, Bill Of Surf and Such
XXI 3 Cochrane, Robertson Par for the Coarse
XXI 3 Constantine, P. Chin-banging: Tough English Words in Japanese Teen Slang
XXI 4 Stough, Charles Insulting Nicknames Give Journalists Something to Be Proud of
XXI 4 Major, Alan Endearment Elucidation, or Love By Any Other Name
XXI 4 Dougherty, William H. Crossing
XXI 4 Bencze, Elizabeth English Arrivals in Hungary
XXI 4 Blackford, Paul Bespeaking a Muse or What?
XXI 4 Lowrey, Burling Classic Wit
XXI 4 Dobson, Roger No Nicknames in the Valleys
XXI 4 Ramson, W.S. Probably, possibly, perhaps
XXI 4 Cochrane, Robertson Me and Empathy
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