Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XX 1 Ayto, John The Titled Proletariat
XX 1 Bailey, Bel Roundabout East Anglia
XX 1 Tius, Mary M. Vestiges
XX 1 Ingleson, Sharon Future Difficulties
XX 1 Herman, Louis Jay What’s in an Article?
XX 1 Balado-Lopez, Daniel Developing Dictionaries
XX 1 Zhu, Weiju Derogatory Epithets for Foreigners in Chinese
XX 1 Pritchard, Hubert Whatever Happened to Frank Beriberi?
XX 1 Eskenazi, Gerald Of Eating Rubber and Sno-cones
XX 2 Davidson, J.A. Some Fundamentals of Fundamentalism
XX 2 Bailey, Richard W. Literally,…
XX 2 Galef, David The Pause That Refreshes
XX 2 Cochrane, Robertson Niggles in a Haystack
XX 2 Tius, Mary M. Hand-me-downs
XX 2 Major, Alan What’s “In”; a Kentish Saying?
XX 3 Kahn, John Cynical Definitions and Funny Phrasebooks
XX 3 Tritten, Larry Unmasking the Metaphor
XX 3 Ross, Nigel J. Beyond Blue Chips, Bulls and Bears
XX 3 Cochrane, Robertson My Tainted Ain’t
XX 3 Ecott, Martyn The Franglais Blues
XX 3 Ramson, W.S. Antipodean English
XX 4 Egan, Gary Wordplay
XX 4 Tius, Mary M. Barbarians: Babbling, Bearded, Bizarre
XX 4 Major, Alan Speaking with a Horse Voice
XX 4 Cochrane, Robert Speaking of the Ineffable
XX 4 Ramson, W.S. Westward Ho
XX 4 Nelson, Gerald War and the OED
XX 4 Brearley, Sam Schadenfreude
XX 4 Whitehead, Allison Titillating Titles
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