Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XVI 1 Baron, Dennis Word Law
XVI 1 Lederer, Richard The Strange Case of Doctor Rotcod
XVI 1 Greenwood, Douglas Another Grammatical Game: The Foregone Conclusion
XVI 1 Cannon, Garland Word Droppings
XVI 1 Rasmussen, Robert R. Knowing the Fervor with Which You Speak…
XVI 1 Nilsen, Alleen Don Nilsen, Jean Multer, Fascinating Toponymics–Geographical Names and the Stories They Tell
XVI 1 Smith, Roger The Bound and Gagged Morpheme
XVI 2 Hollander, Grace The 23rd Psalm and Me, or Has the Nightingale Become a Crow?
XVI 2 Kimmelman, Benedict B. The Ineffable F — r-letter Word
XVI 2 Davidson, J. A. Richard Albert Wilson: The Canadian Scholar on Whom Bernard Shaw Tried to Grind His Alphabet Axe
XVI 2 Galef, David Backwords and Newances
XVI 2 Bricklin, Jonathan Writing the Hard Way
XVI 2 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies II–Miscellaneous
XVI 2 Richard, Michel P. A Taxonomy of Epigrams
XVI 3 Dougherty, William H. The Past As Prologue
XVI 3 Elsberry, Richard B. A Few Words (235 To Be Exact) About the 1980s
XVI 3 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Lest We Forget
XVI 3 Lederer, Richard Stuff and Nonsense
XVI 3 Riedel, Ruth The Communication Ravine
XVI 3 Room, Adrian Don’t Get Your Titles In A Twist!
XVI 3 Christian, Rebecca Blessed Be The Words That Bind
XVI 3 Alvey, John Français ou plutôt à la française
XVI 3 Casey, Richard C. Ipsissimum Verbum
XVI 3 Queenan, Joe What Gall
XVI 3 Galef, David The Long and the Short of It
XVI 3 Felts, John H. Bumps, Grinds and Other Lewd (1389) Gestures
XVI 4 Mason, Stanley The Germanization of American English
XVI 4 Lederer, Richard The Glamour of Grammar
XVI 4 Cohen, Harry Jingo Lingo
XVI 4 Henry, Elaine T. Nifty Nomenclature
XVI 4 Whitehead, Nicholas Transatlanguage
XVI 4 Tittensor, John New Blood in the Namestream
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