Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XV 1 Lederer, Richard Gunning for the English Language
XV 1 Bria, George Duende: Gypsy Soul and Something More
XV 1 Bauerle, Richard The Expanding Lexicon of One-letter Words
XV 1 Davidson, J.A. The Joy of Scottish English: Chambers 20th Century Dictionary
XV 1 Hynes, Joseph Do Mistake—Learn Better
XV 1 Delaney, Chester Onomatoplazia
XV 1 Cannon, Garland Word Droppings
XV 2 Power, Helen W. Women on Language; Women in Language
XV 2 Ilson, Robert How Big Is Your Dictionary?
XV 2 McArthur, Tom The Fifth Estate
XV 2 Brooke, Maxey Texican
XV 2 Sharp, Don Hidden Compounds
XV 2 Phillips, Louis Maxwell Bodenheim’s Harlem Slang
XV 2 Davidson, J.A. Of Course, Cuthbert
XV 3 Sebastian, Robert M. Red Pants
XV 3 Middleton, Thomas H. LIGHT REFRACTIONS (Muskrats R, Not?)
XV 3 Turner, George W. Antipodean Newsletter (Water, Water, Nowhere)
XV 3 Greenwood, Douglas Favorite Grammatical Game: Puzzling Pronouns
XV 3 Lederer, Richard The Joys and Oys of Yiddish
XV 4 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Zap the BEMs! Onward, Space Cadets!
XV 4 Cohen, Harry The Cryptic Toolbox
XV 4 Oppenheim, Peter K. Money of the Realm
XV 4 Lederer, Richard English Is A Crazy Language
XV 4 Dougherty, William H. Foreign Correspondents
XV 4 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Lite/Light
XV 4 Greenwood, Douglas Favorite Grammatical Games: Legerdemain in Two Senses and False Scents
XV 4 Pal, Pratapaditya Brahman or brahman?
XV 4 Kemp, Lysander Mrs. Malaprop in Mexico
XV 4 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies I–Miscellaneous
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