XIX 1 Brashear, William Hocus Pocus
XIX 1 Bernstein, Marc A. A Toast: To the Tautology
XIX 1 Lowrey, Burling Investigating the Racqueteers
XIX 1 Swift, Bob Join Me For a Spell
XIX 1 Carver, Craig M. Etymology as Educated Guess
XIX 1 Simpson, David L. Of “Coat-wearers” and “Kekiongas”: Native American Culture and “Indian” Nicknames
XIX 2 Brunetta, Leslie Frailty, Thy Name Is Bevilacqua!
XIX 2 Room, Adrian Easy Does It?
XIX 2 Kahn, John Lexicographic Quirks and Whimsy
XIX 2 Schofield, David Stuart More Texas Prison Slang
XIX 2 Tius, Mary M. The Names of Some North American Indian Tribes
XIX 3 Galef, David What a Cliché!
XIX 3 Quirk, Sir Randolph Rhyme and Punishment
XIX 3 Zhu, Waiju English Loanwords in Chinese
XIX 3 Cowie, Anthony Reaching for the Ready-Made
XIX 3 Fowkes, Robert A. Eyebrows and Lowbrows
XIX 3 Knowles, Frank Dictionaries for Advanced Learners and Users of Foreign Languages
XIX 3 McArthur, Tom The Coming Hybrids
XIX 3 Allsopp, Jeannette Humor Caribbean Style
XIX 3 Cassidy, Frederic G. Malcolm
XIX 3 Bailey, Richard W. Word Watchers: Fitzedward Hall
XIX 3 Ramson, W.S. Australia and the Environment: the First Fifty Years
XIX 3 Ilson, Robert People of the Books: Biographical Entries in Dictionaries
XIX 3 Aman, Reinhold Verbal Aggression in The Wizard of Oz
XIX 3 Bailey, Bel Mottoes from Zetland
XIX 3 Berlyne, Alex Front Back-axle
XIX 3 Room, Adrian “Tide-end town, which is Teddington” (or is it?)
XIX 3 Dougherty, William H. In the Name of Revolution
XIX 3 Johnson, Michael Tomorrow’s Business Buzzwords
XIX 3 Rickerby, David Bird Talk
XIX 3 Dodge, Douglas S. Why All Living Things Have Latin Names
XIX 4 Berlyne, Alex Dickey Ticker
XIX 4 Bailey, Bel Sussex Speak
XIX 4 Major, Alan The Language of Past Money
XIX 4 Galef, David How to Gain Proverbial Wisdom, or It Takes One to Know One
XIX 4 Balado-Lopez, Daniel Thunderboxes and Chuggies
XIX 4 Wagner, Geoffrey Windy English
XIX 4 Cochrane, Robertson ‘Ard Lines
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