Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XIII 1 Kahn, John Ellison Polysemania, Semantic Taint, and Related Conditions
XIII 1 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Patterned Words and Phrases
XIII 1 Queenan, Joe When Everything Was Everything
XIII 1 Hirschberg, Stephen Playing Words with Games
XIII 1 Courtney, Rosemary Mapping the Words or How I Justified My Sneck
XIII 1 Drury, Donald The Lofty and/or Assumptive We
XIII 1 Lederer, Richard Mark Twain and the English Language
XIII 1 Howard, Philip English English (Take Care)
XIII 1 Bauerle, Richard F. The Strange and Quarky Language of Physics
XIII 2 Lederer, Richard The True Meaning of Christmas
XIII 2 Hochberg, Burt Our Playful Vocabulary
XIII 2 Axton, Paul V. The Nihongo Religion
XIII 2 Duchon, Paul Future Precedents and Nontoxic Poisons
XIII 2 Kahn, John E. The Rhetoric of Real Estate
XIII 2 Turner, George L. Antipodean English (In Praise of Creative Error)
XIII 2 Felty, James C. Mine Eye May Be Deceiv’d
XIII 2 Nahmound, N.C. Hawaij in the Washing Machine
XIII 3 Plotnik, Arthur Science Words for Humanists
XIII 3 Rasmussen, Robert R. What Do You Call a Person from…?
XIII 3 Behr, Nehemiah H. Naming-Day in Eden
XIII 3 Brooke, Maxey Iron Language
XIII 3 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Turkeys, Bombs, and Other Theatrical Souvenirs
XIII 3 Katz, Amrom H. Images, Ornithology, and Jargon in the Defense Establishment: Some Reflections on a Refractory Subject
XIII 4 Veit, Richard Folk Etymology on Campus
XIII 4 Bonner, Steve The Deep Structure of Breakfast Cereals
XIII 4 Abbey, Sydney I, Madam? I’m Adam (and other inconsequential verbal trivia)
XIII 4 Humphreys, Edgar Into Noah’s Ark
XIII 4 Lederer, Richard The World According to Student Bloopers
XIII 4 Baron, Dennis Public Cutespeak
XIII 4 Howard, Philip English English (Scab)
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