Sunday, April 13, 2008

New issue on the way!

Vol. 32 No. 1 is making its way to the printer tomorrow; check out the table of contents for the new issue:

Are Prepositions Necessary? by Rosemarie Ostler
Hanky-Panky, Hugger-Mugger, and Other Reduplicative Rhyming Compounds, by Amy Shuffelton and Jessy Randall
The Saloon-Bar Pundit: The Bane of the Philologist’s Life, by J.L.A. Hartley
Ha’penny Hurls and Chittering Bites: Talking Glaswegian, by June Sawers
Prepopr Splelnig, by Noam D. Plum
Learning Modern Turkish, by Kevin Revolinski
Never Say ‘Death’, by Daniel Krieger
The Power in the Punch of Welsh Valleys English, by Lucy Williams
Bits and Pieces, by David Galef
Beadlemania, by Jerome Betts

Plus some of our usual columns:
Classical Blather: Speak of the Devil! by Nick Humez
Obiter Dicta: I Sold My Writing for a Song, by Gloria Rosenthal
Horribile Dictu, by Mat Coward

and, of course, the Anglo-American crossword ...

Remember, the day this issue mails the subscription price rises to US$35/year (US$60/two years). (Add $5 per year for subscriptions sent outside North America, paid in US dollars; The UK £ price remains unchanged.) If you want to renew your subscription at our current rates, you have about ten days left to do so ...

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Yet Another Quick Post

We had some more requests for back articles this week, so two more are available to read online:

Preposition Pollution, by Barbara DuBois, and Up and Down to You, by John Musgrave.

An easy way to see the few articles we have available in html is to check out the Table of Contents -- available articles will show up as links ... of course, that file needs to be updated, too ...

Two new issues are at the printer; I hope to see proofs in the next few days. They'll mail when our mailer has a slot, but with any luck before the end of January!

Interested in a quick peek at the tables of contents for those issues:

Here's Vol. XXXI/3:

Stalin, Marr, and the Struggle for a Soviet Linguistics Neile A. Kirk & Bernard Mees
When is a Word Not a Word? Peter Gilliver
Plurality David Galef
Is There an Information Professional In the House? Rachel Singer Gordon
Man Detained at Supermax Prison For Word Transposition Kenneth W. Cress
What I Told the Student From Brooklyn About Why He Flunked English Louis Phillips
Dogspeak, So to Speak Janice Arenofsky
Senior Glassware Maintenance Engineer Norman Ball
Pimping David A. Cory
Epitaph for Gertrude Stein Louis Phillips
You’ve Got Game IV Gloria Rosenthal
Classical Blather: Pound Hammers (and Toe Trucks) Nick Humez
As the Word Turns: Some Golden Oldies Barry Baldwin
Obiter Dicta: A Sampling of the Genius of Saki Edwin Rosenberg
And a review of Labels for Locals, by Paul Dickson (review by Mark Peters)

And here's Vol. XXX1/4:

Pronouns in Thai Euan Harvey
The Un-History of the Undead Tim Kane
A Car By Any Other Name Keith Hall
The National Report Card Louis Phillips
A Scientific Investigation Into a Linguistic Matter of Some Importance Marvin E. Mengeling
Biotechnologos: Words of the Life Business Michael J. Corey
Book Production Jargon Jaqueline Cangro
Pension Fund Language Joanne Mason
Xmas, Yttrium, & Zwieback: Unusual Initial Pairs in English Paul Anthony Jones
Anyone for Gerunding? C J Moore
Classical Blather: The Wee Folk Nick Humez
and a long-overdue review of
The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English, by Grant Barrett (reviewed by Mark Peters) -- but don't worry! The book's still available.

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