Abasement Flat: Digs hard-up tenants lower themselves by renting.

About-facetiousness: earnestness; the reverse of frivolity.

About-preface: Epilogue or afterword; an antonym for introduction.

Acuwomen: Form of female intuition; shrewdness peculiar to women.

Afictionado: Devotee of storytelling.

After thoughtlessness: Rashness, especially of a conscienceless kind.

Also-rant: Loud speech of minor importance.

Amalgambol: To forge playful combinations, i.e. a dictionary of interesting collisions.

Amanuensisterhood: Pool of literary assistants, usually but not exclusively female .

Amorosity: As it sounds–an amalgam of amorousness and generosity.

Ancestor-pit: Family-tree, with special reference to black sheep.

Angimormous: Pain caused by chronic angina.

Anticluckwise: Silent movement of ducks around a pond or lake.

Apocalypsuction: Kissing as if there were no tomorrow; very heavy petting.

Arsenic route: Painful suicide.

Assassenach: English native who murders native of Scotland or Ireland, either literally or in the sense of thrashing them, i.e. in sports.

Astringentleman: Male critic; also hard-hitting journalist as in astringentleman of the press.

Auk-word: Obsolete word sometimes prefaced by the epithet “great”.

Avant-haggard: Would-be progressive (work of art), but actually tired.

Avant-niggardly: Not progressive; minimalist.


Banty: To tease in a quarrelsome way.

Barabbarous: material as opposed to spiritual, i.e. a barabbarous choice.

Bathos-scales: Critical yardstick for assessing anti-climax.

Behindhandsome: Falling some way short of good-looking.

Blackguardian angel: Undesirable protector or champion.

Bludgeon-donor: One who dishes out punishment, possibly drawing blood in the process; a bully-boy; a brutal critic.

Briquettiquette: Recommended way of arranging fuel in order to start fire.

Budget-up-and-go: If not a shoestring budget, one that soon walks.

Berkwards: In the direction of foolishness.

Bunkum Holiday: A bank holiday on the most slender of pretexts.

By-compassion: Ignorance of pity that makes for mercy or aid, especially when such a course is thought to be time-consuming.


Cadavert: To avoid becoming a corpse.

Canon sequitur: An irrelevant general law or principle.

Caress-purposes: To be intimate; to harbour intentions of becoming intimate.

Cavillage idiot: Derogatory term for critic.

Charlatanston: Dance an imposter leads his dupes.

Clangdestine: A would-be secret approach which is, in point of fact, noisy.

Clankdestine: As above, but with a different sound.

Clausetrophobia: Morbid dread of clauses.

Composeur: A pseudo-musician.

Confettucini: Low-grade, throwaway pasta; consumers would feel justified in throwing it at the chef in disgust.

Congratululate: To applaud and weep simultaneously; to not know whether to laugh or cry.

Consensussurate: To reach agreement in clandestine fashion; to support secretly.

Continuumbrage: When a state of high dudgeon continues indefinitely.


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