A new issue! Several, in fact, but here’s the Table of Contents for the first of the new issues:

Qat in Yemen Gregory Johnson
Three Limericks Max Gutmann
Cuckoo for Crack Mark Peters
My Genetic Code Louis Phillips
User-Friendly Turkish Martin Gani
Linguistic Larceny: It’s Ausgezeichnet Michael J. Corey
Species David Galef
Speaking Plain Yorkshire Anne Moore
Phlegmatic Scholarship Jonathan Caws-Elwitt
The First Use of a Word: How Can You Find It? Dr. Bob Turvey
ENIAC, HAL, and Deep Thought Jessy Randall
Peaks One and Two John Nixon, Jr.
Pluralia Tantum or E Pluribus Unum Anatoly Liberman
Modern Language Gary Buslik
Classical Blather: On the -go Nick Humez

I think you’ll agree that the issue was worth the wait.


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