Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcoming Mark Peters

We're happy to announce that Mark Peters has joined VERBATIM as a Contributing Editor. Mark is a frequent contributor to VERBATIM, and a language columnist for the parenting website Babble, as well as writing for American Speech, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Columbia Journalism Review, Esquire, The Funny Times, Good, Grist, Mental Floss, Nerve, and Psychology Today.

His book Yada Yada Doh! 111 Television Words That Made the Leap From the Screen to Society is forthcoming from Marion Street Press in 2008. He also has his own blog, Wordlustitude. And, quite conveniently for the editor, he lives in Chicago! We're glad he's coming on board to help us with reading submissions as well as keeping the blog updated.

If you'd like to send him a "welcome" message, his new email is Mark at


Friday, February 15, 2008

New Work from David Galef

Long-time readers of VERBATIM will recognize the name David Galef; his pieces in our magazine consistently garner compliments (and the editor is always pleased to find a new one coming across her email transom).

But VERBATIM, as you all know, only publishes non-fiction, so if you've ever wondered how David Galef's light style translates to less-factual writing, you might want to check out his new book of short-shorts, A Man of Ideas and Other Stories.

Here are some teasers to pull you in ...

???As a souvenir from her stay in Botswana, Mary Edwards brought home a slave.???

"At age thirty, Daryl knew that his marriage was the best thing that ever
happened to him. At age forty, he felt the same about his divorce.???

???When I think of Duff, I think of the itchiness of everyday life and the
scratchiness of certain individuals. Duff wants to be loved for himself
alone, but what???s he got to offer? He???s a one-man conversation with a
personality like a sound-loop.???

This new book is available at Noemi Press; click on the image above for more information.

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