VERBATIM Table of Contents

Authors and Articles: Vol. I-XXIX

Volume Number Author Title
I 1 Michaelis, Ramona R. Dictionaries of Hard Words Come Easy
I 1 Bolinger, Dwight Darn, Durn, Down, Doon, Damn
I 1 Wescott, Roger W. Word Chains in English
I 1 Landau, Sidney I. Sexual intercourse in American College Dictionaries
I 2 Wescott, Roger W. Women, Wife-men, and Sexist Bias
I 2 Lloyd, Paul M. Binomials and Trinomials
I 3 Lees, R. B. Elements of Semantic Change
I 3 Urdang, Laurence An Intolerant View of Intolerance
I 4 Read, Allen Walker Family Words in English
I 4 Fowkes, Robert A. Phonatics
I 4 Sears, Donald A. Ameritalian
I 4 Minkoff, Harvey Homonymous Antonyms
II 1 Fowkes, Robert A. Irish Bulls in Sundry China Shops
II 1 Urdang, Laurence The Art and Technique of Citation Reading
II 1 Colby, Elbridge Bureaucratic Possessives
II 1 Ashley, Leonard R. N. Mr. Przybysz and the Czech O’Shaunnessy
II 1 Gilman, Mary Louise This Peculiar Boston Accent
II 2 Algeo, John Portmanteaus, Telescopes, Jumbles
II 2 Fowkes, Robert A. Caustic Causatives and Lowest Common Denominatives
II 2 Gummere, John F. Clicks Are Very Common
II 2 Luce, Stanford L. The Languishing Art
II 2 Wescott, Roger W. Do Conferees Photograph Well?
II 2 Bryant, Margaret M. The Expanded Modifier
II 3 Read, Allen Walker You Know What
II 3 Fowkes, Robert A. Talking Turkey
II 3 Hornos, Axel Conjugal Oddities
II 4 Price, Bruce D. >Noun Overuse Phenomenon Article
II 4 Slocum, Russell A Quick Fox Jumps over the Cwm Fjord-Bank Glyph Biz
II 4 Shulman, David Antedate Dictionary Citations
II 4 Jewett, Don L. ; D.Phil Vengeful Verse: Revenge Reversed
II 4 Safire, William Secrets of `American English’ May Yield to Dialect Geography
II 4 Donze, Sister Mary Terese Where the Harts Wear Pants
III 1 Hornos, Axel “Ouch!” he said in Japanese
III 1 Flaumenhaft, A. S. Can We Write This Wrong?
III 1 White, James D. Mrs. Malaprop’s Bicentennial
III 1 Cevasco, G. A. Ellipsis … Faulty and Otherwise
III 1 Flaumenhaft, A.S. Grass Roots
III 1 Rehmus, E.E. The Mysterious Origin of the Tarot
III 1 Morgan, Arthur J. A Bicentennial Pair: George & Patsy
III 1 Donnelly, Mabel C. Giving Up the Ghost
III 2 Sears, Donald A. Grammar: The Terms Betray the Bias
III 2 Fowkes, Robert A. Esrever Hsilgne
III 2 LaRoche, Nancy Tom Sawyer Whitewashed
III 2 Eisiminger, Sterling Gullah: A Historical Note and Quiz
III 3 Hicks, Steven R. That Dirty Bird
III 3 Brown, Ruth Hear Finish Before (Pause) You?
III 3 Caffrey, Ph.D., John G. Menu Barbarisms
III 3 Morgan, Henry The Cape Cod Reader
III 3 Imholtz, Jr., August A. Charmed and Other Quarks
III 3 Woodworth, Douglas R. A Plea for Plain Talk
III 3 Fowkes, Robert A. Irish Bulls–Second Series
III 3 Woods, W.M. More About the Name Cowbird for Molothrus ater ater
III 3 Jewell, Lynne Tieslau Animal-Like Adjectives
III 4 Schulz, Clair Mail Lib
III 4 Mellor, William Bancroft Aunt Minnie’s Chicken Talk
III 4 Urdang, Laurence Prurient Prudes
III 4 Wescott, Roger W. Ooglification in American English Slang
III 4 Urdang, Laurence Permission, Admission, Remission and the Missionaries
III 4 Kidney , Walter C. The Seating of Zotz
III 4 Gross, Mary E. Traveler’s Credo
III 4 Romm, Ethel Grodzins Dash It All
IV 1 Revard, Carter Deciphering The Four-letter Word in a Medieval Manuscript’s Satire on Friars
IV 1 Schulz, Clair The Seat of Our Affections
IV 1 Tankard, Elaine F.; Tankard, Jr., James W. The Growing Use and Abuse of Literally
IV 1 Von Bruns, Elaine Illicit Threesomes
IV 1 Herbold II, John O. To Understand America (and Americans)….
IV 1 Schulman, J. Frank The Sinister Side of the Language
IV 1 Perkins, Ellen The New Orthography
IV 1 Morgan, Arthur J. The Encompassing Circle
IV 1 Felton, Gary S. Exceptions to the Rule
IV 1 Dillon, Jay More -ine Adjectives
IV 1 Johnston, Caryl Notes from the Compound World
IV 1 Pollock, Alexander J. Self-referring Words
IV 1 Schultz, Claire K. Mail Lib–Rejoinder
IV 1 Gumfudgin, Ormly “Ormonyms”
IV 2 Schulz, Clair We Shall Know Them By Their Roots
IV 2 Ferris, David C. Scoring Jargon
IV 2 Stahr, Alden Twenty-six Sticks
IV 3 von Raffler-Engel, Walburga We Do Not Talk Only With Our Mouths
IV 3 Cohen, Philip Michael Winking Words
IV 3 Birch, Robert L. The “Uphill Mississippi” Phenomenon and Openness to nfamiliar Ideas
IV 3 Sinnema, John R. KILometer or kiLOMeter?
IV 3 Hinton, Sam More Than Meets the -ine
IV 3 Luzzatto, Jack Words Across the Sea: the British Crossword Comes to America
IV 4 Montgomery, Jean Regional Report No. 1–The Bay Area
IV 4 Luzzatto, Jack How to Turn a Baseball Phrase
IV 4 Hinton, Sam Moribund Metaphors Rise Again
IV 4 Beresky, Andrew E. Bleep That Slur!
IV 4 Hawes, Donald Unconsciously Appropriate and Inappropriate Metaphors
IV 4 Griffith, Francis Humpty Dumpty’s World
IV 4 Knepler, Myrna Schweppes, le `drink’ des gens raffinés
IV 4 Todd, Charles L. My Grandmother’s “Spaghetta”
V 1 Norman, Andrew E. Tosspots and Wraprascals
V 1 Hill, Archibald A. “Till Death Us Do Part”
V 1 Olive, Bruce B.; Revard, Carter A Note and a Query
V 1 Harding, Vera L. Shocking News from the West
V 1 Bocca, Geoffrey If It Isn’t In Writing…
V 1 DuBois, Barbara R. Off Base
V 1 Price, Bruce D. A Metalinguistic Inquiry into F
V 1 Miller, Jeff You Say “Lieutenant” I Say “Leftenant”: Linguistic Notes on the Canadian Unity Crisis
V 2 Urdang, Laurence “You know what I mean…”
V 2 Hawes, Donald Names in Fiction
V 2 Haugaard, Kay Don’t Call Me an “Adult!” — I’m a Mature Human Being
V 2 Devereux, Robert Porcine Semantics
V 2 Perrin, Noel Verbifying in America
V 2 Titcomb, Caldwell Nonplussed by Plus
V 2 Wilson, M.D., J. Walter On again, off again, Finnigin
V 2 Fowkes, Robert A. A Missile-any of Shots by a Poor Marksman
V 2 Kraus, Herb So What Else Is Nous?
V 2 Hyder, Clyde K. peter (as in peter out)
V 3 Neumann, J.H. Jonson and the Talmudists
V 3 Colum, Padraic Copper Beeches
V 3 Rehmus, E.E. The Arabic Star-Names
V 3 Edwards, W.R. Again and Ageyn and Agane
V 3 Wells, Malcolm B-P Words
V 3 Howard, Philip English English
V 4 Mohan, Jag Hindi Filmi English Is Coming!
V 4 Fowkes, Robert A. Out Is In–But I’m Not Into Out
V 4 Moncada, E.J. Traduttore Traditore
V 4 Hall, Kenneth E. “Indri! Indri!”
V 4 Howard, Philip English English
V 4 Jenkinson, Edward B. How to Keep Dictionaries out of the Public Schools
V 4 Walsh, Francis J. How Off-track Betting Endangers Our Mother Tongue: Draining Color from the Horseplayer’s Gift of Gab
VI 1 Eisiminger, Sterling Colorful Language
VI 1 Siwek, M.D., Jay Body English
VI 1 Turner, G. W. Antipodean English (Infinite Variety)
VI 1 Cragg, Sgt. Maj. Dan GI for the IG
VI 1 Cohen, Gerald “My name is Hanes”
VI 1 Luzzatto, Jack Epenthetically Speaking
VI 1 Howard, Philip Philip Howard on English English
VI 2 Miller, Jeff “Inward Seethings”: On Euphemism
VI 2 Shapiro, Norman R. ,Is Is Is
VI 2 DuBois, Barbara R. Preposition Pollution
VI 2 Niebrzydowski, Rev. Walter Theological Bafflegab or How to Unsay It
VI 2 von Bruns, Elaine Namesakes
VI 2 Howard, Philip English English
VI 2 DaSilva, Russell Concerning Aspersions
VI 2 Devereux, Robert Mantic Mania
VI 2 Fowkes, Robert A. Juncture: Where It Sat
VI 2 Morris, Donald R. Say, You Have a Point There, I Guess
VI 2 Allen, A. Adrian A Hodd Hanthology
VI 2 Dyer, Frederick C. Is Latin Briefer Than English
VI 3 Douglas, Peter A. The Bows’ Stratagem
VI 3 Turner, G.W. ANTIPODEAN ENGLISH (The Dinkum Oil)
VI 3 Howard, Philip English English (Thesaurus 1)
VI 3 Russell, Ray Nabokov’s Dirty Tricks
VI 3 Steinberg, David Bartlett’s Ain’t Got It
VI 3 Cohen, Harry English in Dutch
VI 3 Karges, Joann Rhyme and Jingle
VI 3 Christian, Rebecca Fallin’ In with the Great-Aunts
VI 3 Shapiro, Norman R. Watching All the Guys Go By
VI 4 Russell, Ray The “Wicked”; Bibles or, Let Him Who is Without Sin Among You Cast the First Line of Type
VI 4 Bralley, Patricia The Beginning in a Word
VI 4 Coughlan, Steve The Exception That Proves the Rule
VI 4 Sadler, J. D. How’s That Again?
VI 4 Way, Warren Tupper Breaking the Law of Averages
VI 4 Haugaard, Kay Take a Left on Sore Finger Road
VI 4 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Naming the Flora and the Fauna
VI 4 Howard, Philip English English
VI 4 Galef, David Shortcuts
VI 4 Hornos, Axel Why “Butterfly”?
VI 4 Blaustein, Albert P. The Zimbabwe Constitution: On Negotiations
VI 4 Luzzatto, Jack Epenthetical Follow-up
VI 4 Haldeman, Philip Writer’s Blindness
VII 1 Margolin, Victor The Pun Is Mightier Than the Sword A Short History of Paronomasia
VII 1 Howard, Virginia A Pooh-Poohey
VII 1 Devereux, Robert Bears and Lions Growl
VII 1 Winters, Eric Odd Couples
VII 1 Fowkes, Robert A. The Good Life
VII 1 Schulz, Clair Score-bored
VII 1 John L. Idol, Jr., Mubblefubbles: An Old-Fashioned Bout with the Black Dog; or Coming Down in the Mouth with a Case of the Humpy-Grumpies
VII 1 Howard, Philip English English
VII 1 Way, Warren Tupper Unlikely? That’s the Name of the Game
VII 1 Eisiminger, Sterling Borrowing and Biases in German and English
VII 1 Lederer, Richard Orthographe Mirabile
VII 1 Cummins, Joan Sill Edible Endearments
VII 1 Richardson, Jacques G. ETYMOLOGICA OBSCURA
VII 2 Cassidy, Frederic G. Unofficial Sectional City Names
VII 2 Panzer, Martin Simon Says
VII 2 Devereux, Robert How to Agglutinate
VII 2 Higgins, James W. Master Malaprop
VII 2 Bender, Albert Phobia Foibles
VII 2 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Socko Names)
VII 2 Howard, Philip English English (Hyperbole)
VII 2 Cohen, Harry The Strong Sex
VII 2 ? Funnin’ Games
VII 2 Costikyan, Greg Fanguage
VII 2 Mayo, Dick Oklahoma! Okay!
VII 2 ? A Place for Everything …
VII 2 Sadler, J. D. Confusion Compounded
VII 3 Fowkes, Robert A. Blends, Blands, and Blunds
VII 3 Lillard, Richard G. Before I am Too Late
VII 3 Shapiro, Norman R. More Turkish Agglutinative Delights
VII 3 Howard, Philip English English (The Family Talpidae)
VII 3 Faerber, Charles N. Troy Romps–Hector Blanks Creeks on Two-hitter
VII 3 Ellis, Weldon The Exception That Proves the Rule
VII 3 Hornos, Axel Street Names Fun Game
VII 3 Henley, Elton F. Additional “Odd Couples”
VII 3 Dibble, Brian Ormonyms/Junctures
VII 4 Michael Gorman, English as she is spoke: The new guide of the conversation in Portuguese and English in two parts, by Pedro Caroline
VII 4 Turner, G. W. Antipodean English (New Australian)
VII 4 DuBois, Barbara R. S? Yes!
VII 4 Hendley, W. dark Fringe Benefits
VII 4 Ellner, M.D., Harold J. Pleonasties
VII 4 Randolph, Boris Found in VERBATIM
VII 4 Ward, Norman Indian File
VII 4 Tius, Mary M. Jade for the Jaded
VII 4 Devereux, Robert Arabic Loanwords
VII 4 Howard, Philip English English (Pronunciation)
VII 4 Fowkes, Robert A. Phreddy Is a Phynque: Two Graphs for One Sound
VII 4 Kreeger, M. M. Louisiana’s German Cajuns, or, From Kissinger to Quisingre
VII 4 Zeidner, Martin A. The Unfairness of Articles
VII 4 L.U. Rivals the brilliance of genuine diamonds!
VII 4 L.U. How DARE You?
VII 4 Krueger, Janet A Saga
VIII 1 Fowkes, Robert A. Glaswegians and Liverpudlians, Denizens of No Mean Burys
VIII 1 Cassidy, Frederic G. “Unofficial Sectional City Names”: Postscript
VIII 1 Schoenfeld, Robert Dating Customs
VIII 1 Stephenson, Fairfax A Nasal Encounter
VIII 1 Jones, Frank J. Bilingualism, or How to Be Tongue-tied in Two Languages
VIII 1 Howard, Philip English English (Wizard)
VIII 1 Coulson, Alan and Janice Pathologic Pantry
VIII 1 Lasseter, Victor Spy Euphemisms
VIII 1 Bolinger, Dwight To Bury the Hatchetmen
VIII 2 Tius, Mary M. Searching for Soma
VIII 2 Ellner, M.D., Harold J. Revolting Arabs, Injured Livers, and Streaking Indians
VIII 2 Salper, Don Proper Names into Adjectives
VIII 2 Howard, Philip English English
VIII 2 Fowkes, Robert A. Preface
VIII 3 Garner, Bryan Meretricious Words, or The Quean’s English
VIII 3 Howard, Philip English English
VIII 3 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (More Colorful Language)
VIII 3 Harris, Murry The Head of Coty’s Wife
VIII 3 Ames, Jay A Rose Could Be a Ruse or a Rouse
VIII 3 Galef, David Japanese English
VIII 3 Edwards, John Freud and the Gentiles
VIII 4 Lasseter, Victor John Le Carré’s Spy Jargon: An Introduction and Lexicon
VIII 4 Feinsilver, Lillian Mermin When Paragons Nod
VIII 4 Turner, G. W. Antipodean English (Tok Bidjin)
IX 1 Urdang, Laurence Holy Water, Jeans, and Trade Unionists
IX 1 Russell, Ray The Christening
IX 1 Cohen, Harry Who Needs Enemies…?
IX 1 Howard, Philip English English
IX 1 Schur, Norman W. Negative Words
IX 1 Lederer, Richard English: The Lagoon of Nations
IX 1 Doh, Herman The Misplaced Stop
IX 1 Cannon, Garland 698 Japanese Loanwords in English
IX 1 Cochran, O.P., Leonard Witcraft, or The Growth of English
IX 1 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (The Flight of the Kiwi)
IX 1 Roberts, Dale Deadline
IX 1 Bach, Zellig Neither “God” Nor “Aleichem” Is a Last Name
IX 2 Chapman, Diane Eponymous Anonymous
IX 2 Urdang, Laurence Some Interesting Characteristics of Non-Indo-European Languages
IX 2 Lederer, Richard A Visit to the Language Zoo
IX 2 Guilday, John E. “by Golley, J.W.”
IX 2 Howard, Philip English English
IX 2 Witlieb, Bernard L. A Memorable Agreement
IX 3 Devereux, Robert Southern Amerind Lexical Contributions
IX 3 Sarkesian, Barbara Of Chuffs, Topers, and Queans
IX 3 Jones, Frank J. RhoDislan Says It Different
IX 3 Drury, Donald A Harvest of Heteronyms
IX 3 Pinkerton, Edward C. The Way of a Wag
IX 3 Middleton, Thomas H. Light Refractions
IX 3 Lederer, Richard You Said a Mouthful
IX 4 Lederer, Richard Prep School Slanguage
IX 4 Urdang, Laurence Degrees of Right and Wrong
IX 4 Turner, George W. Antipodean English, (The Elusive `Kangaroo’)
IX 4 Dovey, Hugh Playing a Doublet Game
IX 4 Howard, Philip English English
IX 4 Urdang, Laurence A Word About Word Processing–Reminiscences
X 1 Cassidy, John R. Never Ask a Uruguayan Waitress for a Little Box: She Might Apply Her Foot to Your Eyelet
X 1 Urdang, Laurence The Failures of Success
X 1 Eisiminger, Sterling Language Etiquette
X 1 Middleton, Thomas H. Light Refractions
X 1 Kehl, D.G. Quasi Malediction: The Case of Linguistic Malentendu
X 1 Drury, Donald More Heteronyms: Addenda & Corrigenda
X 1 Turner, G.W. Antipodean English (Harmless Drudgery)
X 1 Ziegler, Robert E. Television Advertising and the Language of Myth
X 1 Powell, Marcy S. Traduttore Traditore
X 1 Howard, Philip English English
X 1 Lederer, Richard What’s Your Phobia?
X 1 Ferguson, John Return to Grose
X 2 Feinsilver, Lillian Mermin Yiddish for Fun and Profit
X 2 Cohen, Harry Down to Earth in a Low Country
X 2 Bateson, John A Short History of Punctuation
X 2 Christian, Rebecca The Language of Consuming Passions
X 2 Miles, David L. No Sex, Please. We’re English”
X 2 Faust, Richard L. Language Crimes: The Case of the Contending Relatives
X 2 Stephenson, P. Emlyn Baragouins and Penguins: The Celtic Connection
X 2 Hayes, Walter A Partridge for Christmas
X 2 Garner, Bryan A. Etymological Overlap: Analogous Derivatives in English
X 2 Howard, Philip English English
X 3 Garner, Bryan A. Learned Length and Thund’ring Sound: A Word-Lover’s Panegyric
X 3 Dorff, Daniel The Meaning of Personal Names
X 3 Devereux, Robert More Than Just Manitou
X 3 Marshall, Dorena Frederick’s Formal Family
X 3 Suhor, Charles The Pop Grammarians– Good Intentions, Silly Ideas, and Doublespeak
X 3 Young, Charles M. An Architectonic of Verbs
X 3 Turner, G.W. Antipodean English (A Pet Avoision)
X 3 Sodi, Risa Bernstein English Words in Italian
X 3 Faust, Richard L. Language Crimes: The Case of the Purloined Negatives
X 3 Truby, Henry M. Hwat, Hwere, Hwen, Hwich, … and Hwy
X 3 Lederer, Richard A Compound Subject
X 3 Middleton, Thomas H. Clown Talk
X 3 Webb, Pamela The Language of History
X 4 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt The Blendsational Language of Contemporary Commerce
X 4 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Around the World by Dictionary
X 4 Trussel, Stephen Non-Native Tongues
X 4 Cochran, Leonard Chaucer’s Fish
X 4 Faust, Richard L. Language Crimes: The Case of the Count’s Companion
X 4 Turner, George W. ANTIPODEAN ENGLISH (From Woop Woop to Bullamakanka)
X 4 Perrick, Josephus A Grandfather Stories Glossary
X 4 Bennaton, Ann E. Please Don’t F*** the Grass
X 4 Lederer, Richard Rhyme Without Reason
X 4 Tompkins, Pat Subtitles: Or, the Forgotten Words
X 4 Bach, Zellig The Imperative of Opposites
X 4 Clark, Thomas L. Gaming and/or Gambling: You pays your money…
XI 1 Ward, Norman And Oh, the Smell of Your Spile…
XI 1 Faust, Richard L. Language Crimes: The Case of the Missing Vocabulary
XI 1 Hinton, Sam The Meaning of Scientific Names
XI 1 Bland, Ph.D., D.S. More Nervous Onomasticae
XI 1 Lederer, Richard A Quiz About Sexist Language
XI 1 Turner, G.W. Antipodean Newsletter (Can I have a baby?)
XI 1 Galef, David From Za-za to San-san: The Climate of Japanese Onomatopoeia
XI 2 Lederer, Richard Lost Metaphors of Land and Sea
XI 2 Baron, Dennis E. Is It [mIS] or [mIZ]?
XI 2 Middleton, Thomas H. Light Refractions
XI 2 Denny, Alma DANGER! Letter Loose!
XI 2 Saltzman, Shelley Comparatively Speaking
XI 2 Sagoff, Maurice A Special Gift of Words
XI 2 Brock, Clifton In Honor of the Occasion
XI 2 Dugan, Lawrence Rose Moles
XI 2 Fowkes, Robert A. Primults or Protohysts
XI 2 Phillips, Louis From A to Zygoste for Yexing Readers
XI 3 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Word Play the Media Way
XI 3 Hirschberg, M.D., Stephen E. Diagnosis: Chronic Progressive Abstrusity
XI 3 Howard, Virginia The Pearl of Hex
XI 3 Craig, Mary Stewart Cinq Centmille Diables! W’at Dat Is? Dat’s Cajun, I Ga-ron-tee!
XI 3 Goss, Robert N. The Case of Gender
XI 3 Auswaks, Alex What Mrs. Garnett Never Told Us
XI 3 Riley, Philip Lexicography in the Scottish Highlands and Islands Cannibalism, Caves, and Amulets
XI 3 Lederer, Richard Palindromes: The Art of Reverse English
XI 3 Cole, William Concealed Iranians
XI 3 Godinez, S. B. The Viking Linguistic Legacy
XI 4 Prichard, Virginia M. All Present–and Unaccounted for
XI 4 Minugh, David Crank This Sucker Up!
XI 4 Ferguson, John Of Spooner, Spoonerisms and Other Matters
XI 4 Turner, G.W. Antipodean English (Our Birthstain)
XI 4 Gorman, Michael The Trivial Pursuit of Grammar
XI 4 Hayes, Timothy D. Good Grief, Maude! It’s an Oxymoron!
XI 4 Fowkes, Robert A. Double Trouble
XI 4 Feinsilver, Lillian Mermin Try It Again, Please
XI 4 Lederer, Richard The Violent English Language
XI 4 Miles, David L. Caveat Viator
XI 4 Ward, Norman Reflections on Indian Words, Among Others
XII 1 Lederer, Richard Brand New Eponyms
XII 1 Morgan, Arthur J. In the Name of the Pope
XII 1 Suderman, Elmer Eccentricity in English Lexicography
XII 1 Holland, Anna and Taffy A Play on Words
XII 1 Young, Elisabeth Larsh In Praise of Irregularity
XII 1 Nilsen, Don L. F. Who is Rula Lenska? Some Thoughts on Reference
XII 1 Howard, Philip English English (Frenglish)
XII 1 Galef, David Lost Tropes
XII 1 Trumbull, Charles P. Inscrutable Chinese Puzzle: Dialects or Languages?
XII 1 Graham, Julie Elizabeth Speaking English
XII 2 Bonner, Steve Nullspeak: A Question of Rotating Strawberry Madonnas
XII 2 Nahmoud, N. C. Landmarks in Arabic
XII 2 Howard, Philip English English
XII 2 Soibelman, David Noah Webster–An Appreciation
XII 2 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Of Camels and Tamarillos)
XII 2 Schuchat, Theodor Spherical Containment Device
XII 2 Middleton, Thomas H. Light Refractions (Puzzling and Processing)
XII 2 Lederer, Richard Words That Don’t Look Right
XII 2 Bland, D.S. Humpty Dumpty and the Sluggish Slut (or, Subjective Onomatopoeia)
XIII 1 Kahn, John Ellison Polysemania, Semantic Taint, and Related Conditions
XIII 1 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Patterned Words and Phrases
XIII 1 Queenan, Joe When Everything Was Everything
XIII 1 Hirschberg, Stephen Playing Words with Games
XIII 1 Courtney, Rosemary Mapping the Words or How I Justified My Sneck
XIII 1 Drury, Donald The Lofty and/or Assumptive We
XIII 1 Lederer, Richard Mark Twain and the English Language
XIII 1 Howard, Philip English English (Take Care)
XIII 1 Bauerle, Richard F. The Strange and Quarky Language of Physics
XIII 1 Bria, George Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta and Mammasantissima
XIII 2 Lederer, Richard The True Meaning of Christmas
XIII 2 Hochberg, Burt Our Playful Vocabulary
XIII 2 Axton, Paul V. The Nihongo Religion
XIII 2 Duchon, Paul Future Precedents and Nontoxic Poisons
XIII 2 Kahn, John E. The Rhetoric of Real Estate
XIII 2 Turner, George L. Antipodean English (In Praise of Creative Error)
XIII 2 Felty, James C. Mine Eye May Be Deceiv’d
XIII 2 Nahmound, N.C. Hawaij in the Washing Machine
XIII 3 Plotnik, Arthur Science Words for Humanists
XIII 3 Rasmussen, Robert R. What Do You Call a Person from…?
XIII 3 Behr, Nehemiah H. Naming-Day in Eden
XIII 3 Brooke, Maxey Iron Language
XIII 3 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Turkeys, Bombs, and Other Theatrical Souvenirs
XIII 3 Katz, Amrom H. Images, Ornithology, and Jargon in the Defense Establishment: Some Reflections on a Refractory Subject
XIII 4 Veit, Richard Folk Etymology on Campus
XIII 4 Bonner, Steve The Deep Structure of Breakfast Cereals
XIII 4 Abbey, Sydney I, Madam? I’m Adam (and other inconsequential verbal trivia)
XIII 4 Humphreys, Edgar Into Noah’s Ark
XIII 4 Lederer, Richard The World According to Student Bloopers
XIII 4 Baron, Dennis Public Cutespeak
XIII 4 Howard, Philip English English (Scab)
XIV 1 Demy, Nicholas G. Go to the Dictionary, Thou Sluggard
XIV 1 Cahill, Brian Way To Go, Aubie!
XIV 1 Soyka, Dan E. Whither Thou, Thee, Thy and Thine
XIV 1 Cohen, Harry Microlinguistics
XIV 1 Howard, Virginia In Praise of St. Jerome
XIV 1 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Going Decimal)
XIV 1 Lederer, Richard I before E except…
XIV 2 Heumann, Karl F.; Wellisch, Hans H. Sinister Dexterity
XIV 2 Galef, David The Morox
XIV 2 Busic, Julienne Eden Time and Life
XIV 2 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Divided by a Common Tongue)
XIV 2 Harris, John R. Clue Me in to Anagrams
XIV 2 Lederer, Richard American Slurvian
XIV 3 Armstrong, Jr., Walter P. Sherlock Holmes Adds A Word
XIV 3 Gold, David L. The Poem Recently Attributed to Shakespeare and the Misuse of Dictionaries
XIV 3 Conniff, Richard Poison Penmanship
XIV 3 Garfield, Johanna Ici On Parle Anglais?
XIV 3 Gramm, Gene The Serendipity of Cotyledon
XIV 3 Lederer, Richard Playing the Numbers Game
XIV 3 Henn, Henry ‘Nam, Gook, Gung-ho: Nonsense
XIV 3 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Give a Dog a Bad Name …)
XIV 3 Echols, Edward C. Alpha Privative = A-Negative
XIV 4 Van Gelder, Paula Poetic Licenses
XIV 4 Heehs, Peter Indian Words in English: Resident Aliens and Naturalized Citizens
XIV 4 Lederer, Richard A Man of Fire-new Words
XIV 4 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Agatha Christie’s Works Are Not Legal Fictions
XIV 4 de Forest, John Noticing Nouns
XIV 4 Bland, D.S. Shakespeare’s Legal Language
XIV 4 Kingscott, Geoffrey Language As a Source of Conflict
XIV 4 Turner, George W. Antipodean Newsletter (The Coming of the Strangers)
XV 1 Lederer, Richard Gunning for the English Language
XV 1 Bria, George Duende: Gypsy Soul and Something More
XV 1 Bauerle, Richard The Expanding Lexicon of One-letter Words
XV 1 Davidson, J.A. The Joy of Scottish English: Chambers 20th Century Dictionary
XV 1 Hynes, Joseph Do Mistake—Learn Better
XV 1 Delaney, Chester Onomatoplazia
XV 1 Cannon, Garland Word Droppings
XV 2 Power, Helen W. Women on Language; Women in Language
XV 2 Ilson, Robert How Big Is Your Dictionary?
XV 2 McArthur, Tom The Fifth Estate
XV 2 Brooke, Maxey Texican
XV 2 Sharp, Don Hidden Compounds
XV 2 Phillips, Louis Maxwell Bodenheim’s Harlem Slang
XV 2 Davidson, J.A. Of Course, Cuthbert
XV 3 Sebastian, Robert M. Red Pants
XV 3 Middleton, Thomas H. LIGHT REFRACTIONS (Muskrats R, Not?)
XV 3 Turner, George W. Antipodean Newsletter (Water, Water, Nowhere)
XV 3 Greenwood, Douglas Favorite Grammatical Game: Puzzling Pronouns
XV 3 Lederer, Richard The Joys and Oys of Yiddish
XV 4 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Zap the BEMs! Onward, Space Cadets!
XV 4 Cohen, Harry The Cryptic Toolbox
XV 4 Oppenheim, Peter K. Money of the Realm
XV 4 Lederer, Richard English Is A Crazy Language
XV 4 Dougherty, William H. Foreign Correspondents
XV 4 Lazerson, Barbara Hunt Lite/Light
XV 4 Greenwood, Douglas Favorite Grammatical Games: Legerdemain in Two Senses and False Scents
XV 4 Pal, Pratapaditya Brahman or brahman?
XV 4 Kemp, Lysander Mrs. Malaprop in Mexico
XV 4 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies I–Miscellaneous
XVI 1 Baron, Dennis Word Law
XVI 1 Lederer, Richard The Strange Case of Doctor Rotcod
XVI 1 Greenwood, Douglas Another Grammatical Game: The Foregone Conclusion
XVI 1 Cannon, Garland Word Droppings
XVI 1 Rasmussen, Robert R. Knowing the Fervor with Which You Speak…
XVI 1 Nilsen, Alleen Don Nilsen, Jean Multer, Fascinating Toponymics–Geographical Names and the Stories They Tell
XVI 1 Smith, Roger The Bound and Gagged Morpheme
XVI 2 Hollander, Grace The 23rd Psalm and Me, or Has the Nightingale Become a Crow?
XVI 2 Kimmelman, Benedict B. The Ineffable F — r-letter Word
XVI 2 Davidson, J. A. Richard Albert Wilson: The Canadian Scholar on Whom Bernard Shaw Tried to Grind His Alphabet Axe
XVI 2 Galef, David Backwords and Newances
XVI 2 Bricklin, Jonathan Writing the Hard Way
XVI 2 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies II–Miscellaneous
XVI 2 Richard, Michel P. A Taxonomy of Epigrams
XVI 3 Dougherty, William H. The Past As Prologue
XVI 3 Elsberry, Richard B. A Few Words (235 To Be Exact) About the 1980s
XVI 3 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Lest We Forget
XVI 3 Lederer, Richard Stuff and Nonsense
XVI 3 Riedel, Ruth The Communication Ravine
XVI 3 Room, Adrian Don’t Get Your Titles In A Twist!
XVI 3 Christian, Rebecca Blessed Be The Words That Bind
XVI 3 Alvey, John Français ou plutôt à la française
XVI 3 Casey, Richard C. Ipsissimum Verbum
XVI 3 Queenan, Joe What Gall
XVI 3 Galef, David The Long and the Short of It
XVI 3 Felts, John H. Bumps, Grinds and Other Lewd (1389) Gestures
XVI 4 Mason, Stanley The Germanization of American English
XVI 4 Lederer, Richard The Glamour of Grammar
XVI 4 Cohen, Harry Jingo Lingo
XVI 4 Henry, Elaine T. Nifty Nomenclature
XVI 4 Whitehead, Nicholas Transatlanguage
XVI 4 Tittensor, John New Blood in the Namestream
XVII 1 Peterson, Max C. The Language of the Law
XVII 1 Sypnowich, Peter Needless to Say
XVII 1 Pomfrit, D.A. Verbal Analogies V–Divination
XVII 2 Pascal, Paul What’s in a Roman Name?
XVII 2 Bach, Zellig The Scandalous Yiddish Guide of the Census Bureau
XVII 2 Sharp, Don To Abbrev. or Not to Abbreviate
XVII 2 Gaitonde, Vishwas R. The Sounds of Inglish
XVII 2 Buller, Jon The Naming of Poisons
XVII 2 Purves, Alan C. Appositional Elegance A Brief Exposition
XVII 2 MacKay, Donald A. The Gaelic View of Heather
XVII 3 Bonner, Steve Redundancy in Natural Languages
XVII 3 Mason, Stanley Little Waterloos on Europe’s Language Frontiers
XVII 3 Cushing, Steven Milestones, Footrocks, and Inchpebbles in the Historical Development of Formal Logic
XVII 3 Dougherty, William H. French Leave
XVII 3 Vercambre, Michel Instant Welsh
XVII 4 Galef, David The Niceness Principle
XVII 4 Bryson, Bill English Know-how, No Problem
XVII 4 Dougherty, William H. Ethnic Slurs and the Avoidance Thereof
XVII 4 Brown, Craig You Say Tomato…
XVII 4 McIntosh, K. H. One for the Road
XVII 4 Robinson, David Bad Language and Big Bucks
XVIII 1 Devereux, Robert Punch on the Bungalow Veranda
XVIII 1 Yoo, Dal The World of Abbreviations and Acronyms
XVIII 1 Heinz, John F. fix
XVIII 2 Sharp, Don Speaking of the Unmentionables
XVIII 2 Swift, Bob Wrenches in the Gorse and Bracken
XVIII 2 Galef, David Cross-talk
XVIII 2 Schofield, David Stuart Texas Prison Slang
XVIII 2 Bernstein, Marc A. Lost Charisma
XVIII 2 Abate, Frank R. Unraveling the American Place-Name Cover
XVIII 2 Ober, William B. Writing Maketh an Exact Man
XVIII 2 Cassidy, John R. There Just Isn’t a Word for It
XVIII 2 Bauerle, R.F. The Power of Doubled Words
XVIII 3 Sebastian, Robert M. Abusing the King’s English
XVIII 3 Dougherty, William H. Names of Santa Fe
XVIII 3 King, Helen To the Foot of the Letter, I’m Listening to a Turkish Sermon!
XVIII 3 Stark, Jack A Wisconsin Supreme Court Dictionary
XVIII 3 Sharp, Don A Menagerie of Words
XVIII 3 Lehrer, Adrienne Wine Vocabulary and Wine Description
XVIII 3 Lederer, Jr., Richard M. Colonial American English—Supplement
XVIII 4 Schindler, Marc A. Politically Correct Nomenclature or, How to Win at Trivial Pursuit and Lose Friends
XVIII 4 Bach, Zellig The Gremlins of E.T.
XVIII 4 Ford, Robert Archibald Learn to Spike Lunars
XVIII 4 Dougherty, William H. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch …
XIX 1 Brashear, William Hocus Pocus
XIX 1 Bernstein, Marc A. A Toast: To the Tautology
XIX 1 Lowrey, Burling Investigating the Racqueteers
XIX 1 Swift, Bob Join Me For a Spell
XIX 1 Carver, Craig M. Etymology as Educated Guess
XIX 1 Simpson, David L. Of “Coat-wearers” and “Kekiongas”: Native American Culture and “Indian” Nicknames
XIX 2 Brunetta, Leslie Frailty, Thy Name Is Bevilacqua!
XIX 2 Room, Adrian Easy Does It?
XIX 2 Kahn, John Lexicographic Quirks and Whimsy
XIX 2 Schofield, David Stuart More Texas Prison Slang
XIX 2 Tius, Mary M. The Names of Some North American Indian Tribes
XIX 3 Galef, David What a Cliché!
XIX 3 Quirk, Sir Randolph Rhyme and Punishment
XIX 3 Zhu, Waiju English Loanwords in Chinese
XIX 3 Cowie, Anthony Reaching for the Ready-Made
XIX 3 Fowkes, Robert A. Eyebrows and Lowbrows
XIX 3 Knowles, Frank Dictionaries for Advanced Learners and Users of Foreign Languages
XIX 3 McArthur, Tom The Coming Hybrids
XIX 3 Allsopp, Jeannette Humor Caribbean Style
XIX 3 Cassidy, Frederic G. Malcolm
XIX 3 Bailey, Richard W. Word Watchers: Fitzedward Hall
XIX 3 Ramson, W.S. Australia and the Environment: the First Fifty Years
XIX 3 Ilson, Robert People of the Books: Biographical Entries in Dictionaries
XIX 3 Aman, Reinhold Verbal Aggression in The Wizard of Oz
XIX 3 Bailey, Bel Mottoes from Zetland
XIX 3 Berlyne, Alex Front Back-axle
XIX 3 Room, Adrian “Tide-end town, which is Teddington” (or is it?)
XIX 3 Dougherty, William H. In the Name of Revolution
XIX 3 Johnson, Michael Tomorrow’s Business Buzzwords
XIX 3 Rickerby, David Bird Talk
XIX 3 Dodge, Douglas S. Why All Living Things Have Latin Names
XIX 4 Berlyne, Alex Dickey Ticker
XIX 4 Bailey, Bel Sussex Speak
XIX 4 Major, Alan The Language of Past Money
XIX 4 Galef, David How to Gain Proverbial Wisdom, or It Takes One to Know One
XIX 4 Balado-Lopez, Daniel Thunderboxes and Chuggies
XIX 4 Wagner, Geoffrey Windy English
XIX 4 Cochrane, Robertson ‘Ard Lines
XX 1 Ayto, John The Titled Proletariat
XX 1 Bailey, Bel Roundabout East Anglia
XX 1 Tius, Mary M. Vestiges
XX 1 Ingleson, Sharon Future Difficulties
XX 1 Herman, Louis Jay What’s in an Article?
XX 1 Balado-Lopez, Daniel Developing Dictionaries
XX 1 Zhu, Weiju Derogatory Epithets for Foreigners in Chinese
XX 1 Pritchard, Hubert Whatever Happened to Frank Beriberi?
XX 1 Eskenazi, Gerald Of Eating Rubber and Sno-cones
XX 2 Davidson, J.A. Some Fundamentals of Fundamentalism
XX 2 Bailey, Richard W. Literally,…
XX 2 Galef, David The Pause That Refreshes
XX 2 Cochrane, Robertson Niggles in a Haystack
XX 2 Tius, Mary M. Hand-me-downs
XX 2 Major, Alan What’s “In”; a Kentish Saying?
XX 3 Kahn, John Cynical Definitions and Funny Phrasebooks
XX 3 Tritten, Larry Unmasking the Metaphor
XX 3 Ross, Nigel J. Beyond Blue Chips, Bulls and Bears
XX 3 Cochrane, Robertson My Tainted Ain’t
XX 3 Ecott, Martyn The Franglais Blues
XX 3 Ramson, W.S. Antipodean English
XX 4 Egan, Gary Wordplay
XX 4 Tius, Mary M. Barbarians: Babbling, Bearded, Bizarre
XX 4 Major, Alan Speaking with a Horse Voice
XX 4 Cochrane, Robert Speaking of the Ineffable
XX 4 Ramson, W.S. Westward Ho
XX 4 Nelson, Gerald War and the OED
XX 4 Brearley, Sam Schadenfreude
XX 4 Whitehead, Allison Titillating Titles
XXI 1 Bennett, Martin The Lamps of Speech
XXI 1 Tius, Mary M. Stress
XXI 1 Bailey, Bel Slang from Greyfriars
XXI 1 Blackford, Paul Some English Loanwords in Thai
XXI 1 Schindler, Marc A. “Schindler’s List” of Ashkenaz’s Names
XXI 1 Ramson, W.S. Tassie Terms
XXI 1 Cochrane, Robertson Verbum Sap The Media Is the Message
XXI 2 Cushing, Steven Plane Speaking
XXI 2 Netsky, Martin G. What Is Dementia?
XXI 2 Stages, Leo The True Meaning of Christmas
XXI 2 Indictor, Nyr Reading Non-Sequentially: The Peculiar Kanbun System
XXI 2 Dougherty, William H. A Balance of Trade
XXI 2 Galef, David Sound and Sense
XXI 2 Abootty, O. How Manieth?
XXI 2 Tius, Mary M. Borrowings
XXI 2 Fisk, Alan Living with Fossilized Ears
XXI 2 Cochrane, Robertson To Verb or Not to Verb
XXI 3 Ross, Nigel J. Wot’s de rite spellin’, den?
XXI 3 Saporta, Sol Expressions for Sexual Harassment: a Semantic Hole
XXI 3 Champlin, Richard L. Language at Bay
XXI 3 Indictor, Nyr On Beyond Zebra, or, the No-Longer-Roman Alphabet
XXI 3 Kelly, Raymond M. Mountain Talk
XXI 3 Ramson, Bill Of Surf and Such
XXI 3 Cochrane, Robertson Par for the Coarse
XXI 3 Constantine, P. Chin-banging: Tough English Words in Japanese Teen Slang
XXI 4 Stough, Charles Insulting Nicknames Give Journalists Something to Be Proud of
XXI 4 Major, Alan Endearment Elucidation, or Love By Any Other Name
XXI 4 Dougherty, William H. Crossing
XXI 4 Bencze, Elizabeth English Arrivals in Hungary
XXI 4 Blackford, Paul Bespeaking a Muse or What?
XXI 4 Lowrey, Burling Classic Wit
XXI 4 Dobson, Roger No Nicknames in the Valleys
XXI 4 Ramson, W.S. Probably, possibly, perhaps
XXI 4 Cochrane, Robertson Me and Empathy
XXII 1 Mohapatra, Ashok K. Politicking with Words: On Ideology and Dictionary Meaning
XXII 1 Emerson, Ralph H. Horse Words in a Motor Age
XXII 1 Egan, Gary Chunnel Vision
XXII 1 Howard, Hilary M. No Boys Named Sue, But…
XXII 1 Bowmer, Rosemary Proper Words in Proper Places
XXII 1 Betts, Jerome All in the Family
XXII 1 Champlin, Richard L. On Good Terms
XXII 1 Millar, R. You can have your cake and eat it
XXII 1 Constantine, Peter English on the Serbian Front
XXII 1 Millar, R. Et tu, Brutus, old chap!
XXII 1 Davidson, J. A. The joy of jabberwocking
XXII 2 MacIntosh, Donald French Lessons in Lallans
XXII 2 Wood, Carl An Aye for an Aye
XXII 2 Kahn, John Ellison Falls the Shadow
XXII 2 Adams, Robert Towards a New Literature
XXII 2 Cochrane, Robertson Ha…ha…have one on me!
XXII 2 Ramson, Bill Famous Australian Etymologies
XXII 2 Major, Alan A Catalogue of Cats
XXII 3 Isaacson, David Power Users Dump Baudy Language: The Ambivalent Nature of Computer Slang
XXII 3 Room, Adrian From China to Peru: An Oriental Odyssey
XXII 3 Blackford, Paul Japanese Pop Group Nomenclature
XXII 3 Nicholls, Simon Casanova’s English
XXII 3 Felts, John H. Safire’s Syndrome
XXII 3 MacIntosh, Donald The Way That They Tell ’em
XXII 3 Ramson, Bill More Famous Australian Etymologies
XXII 3 Emerson, Ralph H. Some Secrets of English Nicknames
XXII 3 Temianka, Daniel Badges Redux
XXII 3 Wertheim, Naftali English As She Is Minced
XXII 3 Dougherty, William H. Feminine Goldfish and Other Hybrids
XXII 3 Musgrave, John Up or Down to You
XXII 3 Ronnick, Michele Valerie A Fourth Use of the Verb Rodomontade in the Eighteenth Century
XXII 4 MacIntosh, Donald Jam Pass Die
XXII 4 Briggs, Doug The Day They Took the Peck out of Pecksniffian
XXII 4 Ross, Nigel J. A Proper Look at Verbs
XXII 4 Schindler, Marc A. Elementary, My Dear Mendeleev
XXII 4 Seabrook, Mike All Gone Pear-Shaped: Opportunities for Misunderstanding the Police
XXII 4 Mansbridge, Ronald The Intrusive s
XXII 4 Thorpe, John E. The Game of the Name
XXII 4 Galef, David F U Cn Rd Ths …
XXII 4 Ramson, Bill The ABC of Broadcasting Australian
XXIII 1 Schindler, Marc A. (Dia)critic’s Corner
XXIII 1 Richler, Howard Galling Gallicisms of Quebec English
XXIII 1 Temianka, Daniel The King of Wordsmiths
XXIII 1 Davidson, J. A. The Problem of Names
XXIII 1 Crilly, Josephine Turning To Nod Goodbye
XXIII 1 Ramson, Bill Dharuk Words In English
XXIII 1 Woolner, Rosalind It Figures
XXIII 2 Guyol, Hazel Sample A Yankee Dime and Other Reginal Expressions
XXIII 2 Mathew, David Anti-Language
XXIII 2 Betts, Jerome The Grockles of Goodrington
XXIII 2 Schindler, Marc A. “Latter-day” English
XXIII 2 Cushing, Ph.D., Steven The Meaning of Murder
XXIII 2 Marco, Margaret The Staff of Life
XXIII 2 Brashear, William Fo Er Si Guo Er and The Cross-Eyed Bear (or: Of Oronyms and Other Literary Trompes l’Oeil/Oreille)
XXIII 3 Room, Adrian By Their Notes Ye Shall Know Them: A Look at Onomatopoeic Ornithonymy
XXIII 3 Tius, Mary M. Muddled Meaning
XXIII 3 Bailey, Bel Salty Sayings from Cornwall
XXIII 3 Ramson, Bill Settlement by Sea
XXIII 3 Ramson, Bill The Case of Nyungar
XXIII 3 Tius, Mary M. Deranged Diction
XXIII 4 Humez, Nick Periodic Table Manners
XXIII 4 Hall, Joan Houston DARE-More Than Halfway There
XXIII 4 Rubrecht, August Exploring the Lexicon with Natives of North America
XXIII 4 Galef, David Ups and Downs
XXIII 4 Newman, Jon O. Word Words
XXIII 4 Saporta, Sol On the So-called “Debate” over Black English
XXIII 4 Sheidlower, Jesse Revising The F-Word
XXIII 4 Tius, Mary M. Lost and Foundering
XXIV 1 Rawson, Hugh Bowderlism in the Barnyard
XXIV 1 Sampson, Paul J. Airspeak
XXIV 1 Pratt, Daniel L. A Brief History of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD)
XXIV 1 Galef, David How To Speak Like A Corporation
XXIV 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (On the Art of Translation, and Vice Versa)
XXIV 1 Hall, Tony The Things That People Say
XXIV 1 Dougherty, William H. Bromides
XXIV 1 Bernard, Thomas L. Onomastica: Ultimate Consonant Duplication
XXIV 1 Felts, John H. More Servings From the Periodic Table
XXIV 1 Armstong, David G. A Calendrical Sentence Explored
XXIV 1 Blau, Dr. Karl Family Saga
XXIV 1 Holmes-Moss, Ida The Language of Plants and Flowers
XXIV 1 Howarth, Pamela A Little Latin is a Dangerous Thing
XXIV 1 MacIntosh, Donald The Last Pibroch
XXIV 1 Rubrecht, August Why Have We Got Have Got?
XXIV 1 Ronnick, Michele Valerie The First Use of the Latinate Adjective Fluxionary in the Twentieth Century
XXIV 2 Considine, John Reading the Traces of James Murray in the Oxford English Dictionary
XXIV 2 Randall, Jessy; Woloson, Wendy Assing Around
XXIV 2 Murphy, M. Lynne Racing for Definitions in South Africa
XXIV 2 Fischer, Henry What?s the French for “Fiddle de dee”? (poem)
XXIV 2 Coward, Mat Bona Palare: The Language of Round the Horne
XXIV 2 Bready, Richard Graphic Account (poem)
XXIV 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (On Blue Moons, and Others)
XXIV 2 Cushing, Stephen All About All
XXIV 2 Collins, Valerie Byte Bonding, Bit-bangers, and BLOBS
XXIV 2 Slap, Joseph K. Fun Things to Say in Spanish, French, & English
XXIV 2 Richler, Howard Hearing is in the Ear of the Listener
XXIV 3 Adams, Michael Slayer Slang (Part 1)
XXIV 3 Buchanan, M.A. Identity and Language in the SM Scene
XXIV 3 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIV 3 Fischer, Henry A Backhanded Pardon (poem)
XXIV 3 Wiener, Gary I May Already Be a Wiener
XXIV 3 Elkins, Susan A Bestiary of Adjectives
XXIV 3 Nuttall, Martin It?s All Double Janglish to Me!
XXIV 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Juney ?Toons)
XXIV 3 Saporta, Sol Widows, Orphans, and ? ? Semantic Holes
XXIV 3 Kern, John Konrad Words for Their Own Sake
XXIV 3 Holan, Frank Bats as Symbols
XXIV 3 Egan, Gary from A Dictionary of Interesting Collisions
XXIV 3 McKean, Erin Intolerable Intolerance, Redux
XXIV 4 Adams, Michael Slayer Slang (Part 2)
XXIV 4 McKinzey, Rima Between the Parentheses: A Pron Chick reports from the Front Lines
XXIV 4 Galef, David Primer (poem)
XXIV 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXIV 4 Morris, John Avoiding Offense
XXIV 4 Saporta, Sol On the Use of Niggardly
XXIV 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Money Talks)
XXIV 4 Behling, Jim The Foreignym
XXIV 4 Haubrich, William S. Menckenisms
XXV/a> 1 Cates, David C. Where Did He Put the Pen of My Aunt? Navajo Revealed
XXV 1 May, Pete British Football Chants
XXV 1 Murphy, M. Lynne Excerpts from the Baylor College Linguistics Scavenger Hunt
XXV 1 Ronnick, Michele Valerie From Josephus?s Jewish War to the American Civil War: Charles Francis Adams, Jr.?s “Dead Sea Apple”
XXV 1 Elkin, Susan To What End Gender Endings?
XXV 1 Bennett, Martin From Ragusa to Lombard Street
XXV 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 1 Kleinedler, Steve Have Your Salt and Eat It, Too
XXV 1 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (column)
XXV 1 Randall, Jessy A Visit from Aunt Rose: Euphemisms (and Pejoratives) for Menstruation
XXV 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Chances Are)
XXV 2 Rosenthal, Gloria Broadway Musicals?Terms and Traditions
XXV 2 Sutherland, Fraser The Language of Porn Sites
XXV 2 Cushing, Steven Evolution: Just a Theory?
XXV 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (It?s About Time)
XXV 2 Considine, John Antedatings and Supplementary Material for OED from a Correspondent of Browne Willis (1712)
XXV 2 Dougherty, William H. Fillers
XXV 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 2 Baldwin, Barry Classical Swearing: A Vade-Mecum
XXV 2 Orza, Luisa Word Tax
XXV 2 Hanley, Brian J. An Amendment to the OED?s Definition of “Catchpenny”
XXV 2 Room, Adrian Bottom, Thou Art Translated
XXV 2 Britten, Sid Have You Read Marx?
XXV 3 Emerson, Ralph H. The Most Lively Consonants in the World
XXV 3 Gordon, D., and Spear, R.L. Baby-san?s Lingo
XXV 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 3 Baker, Aidan Five Legislations (poem)
XXV 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Getting Out the Vote)
XXV 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Some High and Low Cs)
XXV 3 Howard, Hilary Berthing the Verbiage
XXV 3 Richler, Howard The OED Online
XXV 3 Betts, Jerome Name of a Dog
XXV 4 Finz, Steven R. The New Profanity
XXV 4 Hall, Tony The Mouths of Yarmouth
XXV 4 Felts, Susannah Love Letters (Some Thoughts on the Dictionary)
XXV 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXV 4 Randall, Jessy Blah, Blah, Blah, Etcetera
XXV 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Funny Animals)
XXV 4 Lieberman, E. James Esperanto: Language for Everyone
XXV 4 Esterhill, Frank Interlingua–RIP
XXV 4 Heacock, Paul; Cassidy, Carol-June Artistic Endeavors
XXVI 1 Urdang, Laurence Today?s Lesson
XXVI 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Silly Songs)
XXVI 1 Considine, John Twelve Notes on the Canadian Oxford Dictionary
XXVI 1 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Where Do They Come From?)
XXVI 1 Elkin, Susan English Place Names
XXVI 1 Shapiro, Fred George Orwell, Meet Regis
XXVI 1 Galef, David Plain Talk, or the Case of the Vanishing Vocabulary
XXVI 1 Baker, Aidan The Use of Quotes (poem)
XXVI 1 Blackford, Paul Bangkok Unabridged
XXVI 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 1 Felts, John H. Lapsed Language of Appalachia
XXVI 1 Fischer, Henry George Ah! Ah! Elle est bien bonne! (poem)
XXVI 2 Randall, Jessy Wizard Words: The Literary, Latin, and Lexical Origins of Harry Potter?s Vocabulary
XXVI 2 Garvey, Graeme Proverbs Up-To-Date
XXVI 2 Mills, Dennis An Alphabetaphile?s Outrage Wherein Caedmon?s ancestors blunder and we pay the price
XXVI 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (-ists, -ites, and Other Ends)
XXVI 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 2 Shapiro, Fred R. The Humble Origins of the Chad
XXVI 2 Betts, Jerome Hell Is All Around
XXVI 2 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (X Files)
XXVI 2 Fischer, Henry George Hazlitt On Wit (poem)
XXVI 2 Emerson, Ralph H. Denaturized Profanity in English
XXVI 2 Elkin, Susan Out of the Mouths of ? Twins
XXVI 3 Liberman, Anatoly Skip to the Loo: Loo in Its (Indo-) European Context
XXVI 3 Clankie, Shawn M. Why Bud Weiser Can Sell Cars (But Not Beer)
XXVI 3 Litt, Marilyn Knapp Confessions of a Pert Aleck
XXVI 3 Smith, Roger Medical Malapropisms What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear
XXVI 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Eponymous Ailments)
XXVI 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu
XXVI 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Catching Some Zees)
XXVI 3 Shapiro, Juliette Thesaurusising: A Little-Known Art
XXVI 3 Brookes, Ian The Ones That Got Away Some Words That Escaped from the Chambers Dictionary
XXVI 3 Galef, David Spelt as It Sounds
XXVI 3 Warburton, Mike Pub Names in the 21st Century
XXVI 3 Bernard, Thomas L. Noncing the Indefinite Article, or, Do You Have a Nuncle?
XXVI 3 Ronnick, Michele Valerie A Note on the Origin of Tall Poppy and Tall Poppy Syndrome
XXVI 3 Dougherty, William H. Prepositional Epiphany
XXVI 4 Stevens, Al Lip Control
XXVI 4 Whitehead, Allison (Mis)interpretation?
XXVI 4 Lederer, Richard How Wise Is Proverbial Wisdom?
XXVI 4 Cassidy, Carol-June and Paul Heacock Book Words
XXVI 4 Hoptman, Ari A Possible Origin of Flash Flood
XXVI 4 Neethling, Bertie The “Phenomenon Calendar” of the Xhosa
XXVI 4 Shapiro, Fred R. HarpWeek: Full-Text Searching of History
XXVI 4 Veihdeffer, Jeff Bogus E-Mail Subject Lines
XXVI 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Baddabing, Baddabang)
XXVI 4 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Some Ado About Nothings)
XXVI 4 Fischer, Henry George First Person Singular (poem)
XXVI 4 Urdang, Laurence Review of Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography
XXVI 4 Bailey, Richard W. Review of The Warden of English
XXVI 4 McKean, Erin Review of How Language Comes to Children
XXVII 1 Hargraves, Orin Rendering the Language of Daad
XXVII 1 Eskenazi, Gerald Unexpected Surprises
XXVII 1 Galef, David A Column on Columns
XXVII 1 Wood, D. Russ The Slang of the Day
XXVII 1 Powell, Steve Fancy a Viking, Sooty?
XXVII 1 McKean, Erin L33t-sp34k
XXVII 1 Bennet, Martin Wilmot Palaver Sauce
XXVII 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Certain Somebodies)
XXVII 1 Sutherland, Fraser Review of Why We Curse
XXVII 1 Kleinedler, Steve Review of Vanishing Voices
XXVII 1 Deimling, Kate Review of Language Play
XXVII 1 McKean, Erin Review of The Way We Talk Now
XXVII 2 Schliefer, Rob A Nocturnal View of the Lunar Landscape
XXVII 2 Randall, Jessy Anything But Pregnant
XXVII 2 Emerson, Ralph B is for Body
XXVII 2 Beam, Matthew Sympathy and Empathy
XXVII 2 Galef, David The Trouble With Janus Words
XXVII 2 Elkin, Susan Epithets: the Great, the Good, the Golden-tongued and the Terrible
XXVII 2 Gani, Martin Colourful Language
XXVII 2 Betts, Jerome Dog-Lime Days
XXVII 2 Room, Adrian Animal Lamina
XXVII 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Weird Tools, Improbable Jobs)
XXVII 2 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns: Some Goode Olde Englishe Dirte (column)
XXVII 2 Deimling, Brian Review of Cattus Petasatus, by Jennifer and Terrence Tunberg
XXVII 2 McKean, Erin Review of The Dictionary of Wordplay, by Dave Morice
XXVII 3 Costikyan, Greg Talk Like a Gamer
XXVII 3 Shapiro, Juliette A Tuesday Afternoon With Hunter Diack
XXVII 3 Lowrey, Burling Notes on Meiosis
XXVII 3 Juniper, Dean More 180° Homonyms
XXVII 3 Lederer, Richard Stamp Out Fadspeak
XXVII 3 Bentley, Tom Checking Your References
XXVII 3 Gani, Martin English in Italy
XXVII 3 Kedzierski, Roberta Easy As ABC?
XXVII 3 Richler, Howard Words: The Stealth Weapon of War
XXVII 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns: Kettel Kall (column)
XXVII 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Uncle Fud)
XXVII 3 Sutherland, Fraser Review of The Encyclopedia of Civil War Usage, by Webb Garrison
XXVII 4 Whelan, Richard American Spelling Reform
XXVII 4 Randall, Jessy The Sneeze: More Than Just Ah-choo and Bless You
XXVII 4 Shapiro, Fred R. The Politically Correct U.S. Supreme Court and the Motherfucking Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
XXVII 4 Whitehead, Allison Jumpers and Rounders and Tops, Oh My
XXVII 4 Betts, Jerome To Curf and Thrash, and Vex and Dash
XXVII 4 Ross, Nigel J. A Headful of Words
XXVII 4 Quinion, Michael Word Sites Online
XXVII 4 Ladds, Tony An Appeal to Writers Everywhere
XXVII 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVII 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Quaint Crimes, Archaic Punishments)
XXVII 4 McKean, Erin Review of Predicting New Words, by Allan Metcalf
XXVIII 1 Young, William Translating the Language of Birds
XXVIII 1 Miller, Kathleen E. War Is Hell, Naming Them Ain’t Too Easy Either
XXVIII 1 Falcon, Melanie Everything You Always Wanted To Know about Pig Latin But Were Afraid To Ask
XXVIII 1 Gani, Martin Say It With Words
XXVIII 1 Stone, Devorah Getting Hitched or Shacking Up and Other Domestic Arrangements
XXVIII 1 Hall, Keith J. What’s So T about a T-Shirt?
XXVIII 1 Hargraves, Orin Prewarned is Prearmed
XXVIII 1 Sheil, Pat I Before E?
XXVIII 1 Rubrecht, August The Verbal Ape
XXVIII 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Hellenic Damnation and Other Afterlives)
XXVIII 1 Pearsons, Enid Two New Kids on the Block (review)
XXVIII 1 McKean, Erin Miscellaneous Bibliographia (review)
XXVIII 2 McFedries, Paul Seinfeldisms
XXVIII 2 Warburton, Mike Product Names
XXVIII 2 Lederer, Richard The Case For Small Words
XXVIII 2 Elkin, Susan Going But Not Quite Gone
XXVIII 2 Youngblood,Mike Such a Fine Pot of Curry
XXVIII 2 Galef, David Diction Slips
XXVIII 2 Baldwin, Barry God-Damns
XXVIII 2 Shields, David Words Can’t Begin to Describe What I’m Feeling
XXVIII 2 Murray, William No Trivial Matter
XXVIII 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Pants on Fire)
XXVIII 2 McKean, Erin Ex Cathedra
XXVIII 2 Fischer, Henry George Lame Words (poem)
XXVIII 2 Rustin, Dan Dear Editor (poem)
XXVIII 3 Wilton, Dave A Hoagie By Any Other Name
XXVIII 3 Redfern, Walter Greguerias: Squeaks/Pipsqueaks?
XXVIII 3 Lawson, Steve Blog This
XXVIII 3 Betts, Jerome Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, Lend Me Your Good Ear
XXVIII 3 Jones, Gordon S. Ersatz Languages
XXVIII 3 Tritten, Larry Let There Be Light
XXVIII 3 Bayliss, Paul Famous Last Words
XXVIII 3 Rosenthal, Gloria You?ve Got Game
XXVIII 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVIII 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (It?s Only Music, Don?t Be Scherzo)
XXVIII 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Latin Lovers)
XXVIII 3 Adams, Michael Review of Rogue Scholar by Richard W. Bailey
XXVIII 3 Kaplan, Ron Review of The Hidden Language of Baseball, by Paul Dickson
XXVIII 3 Sutherland, Fraser Review of Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions by Orin Hargraves
XXVIII 4 Ostler, Rosemarie Searching for the First Words
XXVIII 4 Randall, Jessy Speak of the Devil: Dangerous Names
XXVIII 4 Wilkens, Kathryn Letters Can Be Words
XXVIII 4 Queano, Sharon Translators: Know Thy Culture
XXVIII 4 Huebl, John Rumplestiltskin or Rumpelstiltskin?
XXVIII 4 Kane, Tim Teacherese
XXVIII 4 Schaalje, Jacqueline Witty Dutch Neologisms
XXVIII 4 Whitehead, Allison Words That Sell
XXVIII 4 Bull, Gifford Words in the North and South
XXVIII 4 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Jane?s World)
XXVIII 4 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXVIII 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Sententiae Antiquae)
XXVIII 4 Yuran, Robin R. THEY (poem)
XXVIII 4 Fischer, Henry George A Pun Expunged (poem)
XXIX 1 van Male, Thora Inside the Academie
XXIX 1 Hall, Keith Simply Singlish
XXIX 1 McDonald, Madeleine Two Fingers Up to the French
XXIX 1 Conti, Edmund Notes from a Cross and Down Competitor
XXIX 1 Galef, David Fighting the Contras
XXIX 1 Rosenberg, Ed Revert, Pervert!
XXIX 1 Shapiro, Fred R. Eighteen Century Collections Online: The Words and Images of History
XXIX 1 Block, A.H. A Glib Punner?s Bright Scheme
XXIX 1 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Another Grose-Out)
XXIX 1 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIX 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Amongst Our Weaponry)
XXIX 1 Kaplan, Ron Review of Dewdroppers, Waldos, and Slackers by Rosemarie Ostler
XXIX 1 Bunting, Sarah D. Modern American Usage, 2e, by Bryan Garner
XXIX 2 Schleifer, Rob Alchemical Calques, or the Transmutation of Language
XXIX 2 Wilson, Douglas G. Bacronymic Etymythologies
XXIX 2 Lederer, Richard Presidential Words
XXIX 2 Rennick, Robert M. I Didn?t Catch Your Name
XXIX 2 Darragh, Simon The Ethnocentricity of E-mail
XXIX 2 Elkin, Susan Lipograms: The Presence of Absence
XXIX 2 Conley, Craig The Skinny on The Dictionary of One-Letter Words
XXIX 2 Peters, Mark Holy Crapola!
XXIX 2 Eskenazi, Greg Offending Words
XXIX 2 Conti, Edmund Good Cop, Bad Cop
XXIX 2 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Y, O Y)
XXIX 2 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIX 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Whatsinames and Thingamajigs)
XXIX 3 Randall, Jessy You Sucker! Participatory Humor
XXIX 3 Percy, Tony Hogamous, Higamous!
XXIX 3 Davis, J. J. Verlan: The French Pig Latin
XXIX 3 Meyer, Nicolas E. (Not) Spelling It Out For You
XXIX 3 Galef, David R. A. Acronyms
XXIX 3 Isaacson, David Email and Good Writing
XXIX 3 Ginzbursky, Florence The Joy of English
XXIX 3 Gani, Martin Cheers
XXIX 3 Tritten, Larry A Short Hike Through Arroyo Lingo
XXIX 3 Passingham, Clare Of Clouds and Clootie Dumplings
XXIX 3 Conti, Edmund Voice Over (poem)
XXIX 3 Veihdeffer, Jim Turning Spam into Haiku
XXIX 3 Basalyga, Annette L (poem)
XXIX 3 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIX 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Stuff and Nonsense)
XXIX 3 Bierma, Nathan Review of The Elephants of Style by Bill Walsh
XXIX 3 Kaplan, Ron Review of Word Myths by David Wilton and Ballyhoo, Buckaroo, and Spuds by Michael Quinion
XXIX 3 Kaplan, Ron Review of Do You Speak American by Robert MacNeil and William Cran
XXIX 4 Neethling, Bertie Name Choices Among the Xhosa of South Africa
XXIX 4 Lederer, Richard Foxen in the Henhice
XXIX 4 Fischer, Henry Abedecedary Musings (poem)
XXIX 4 Peters, Mark Like a Hyphen between Troubled Words
XXIX 4 Conley, Craig An Entire Alphabet of Scarlet Letters
XXIX 4 Page, James Lynn Let?s Ban These Words (and Why)
XXIX 4 Starkey, Walt Vocabulary Acrobatics
XXIX 4 Rennick, Robert M Offensive Names
XXIX 4 Geller, Conrad A Lost Dialect
XXIX 4 Betts, Jerome From Hand to Mouse
XXIX 4 Coward, Mat Horrible Dictu (column)
XXIX 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Eons and -eons)