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A Letter From Laurence Urdang to Former Subscribers

Dear Friend of Verbatim's,
If you received the Winter 1997 issue (and read EX CATHEDRA), you know that I have discontinued publishing The Language Quarterly. I am pleased to say that it has been sold to a new publisher whose editor, Erin McKean, has now taken over the reins. I know that some of you will think that Verbatim will never be the same without me, but I hasten to suggest that there is every reason to believe that it will be very much better. Many of you have written and telephoned to express your disappointment at what looked like the demise of Verbatim, which flattered me greatly. You may now rejoice at its continuance, and I hope that you will give the new editor your enthusiastic support.
With best wishes,
Laurence Urdang, Erstwhile Editor