Reading the Traces of James Murray in the Oxford English Dictionary
Finding and enjoying the strong personality of James Murray through his OED definitions. by John Considine

Assing Around
The many collocations and meanings of assand arse.
by Jessy Randall and Wendy Woloson

Racing for Definitions in South Africa
Who’s Blackand Whiteisn’t black and white in South Africa.
by M. Lynne Murphy

Bona Palare: The Language of Round the Horne – Words from the BBC sketch show. Funny ones, too.
by Mat Coward

All About All
Subtle features of the word all. There’s a lot of meaning wrapped up in that three-letter, two-phoneme monosyllable.
by Steven Cushing

Byte Bonding, Bit-bangers, and BLOBS
New words from the geeks, nerds, and gearheads.
by Valerie Collins

Obiter Dicta Fun Things to Say in Spanish, French, and English, by Joseph K. Slap

Epistolae – We get letters.

SIC! SIC! SIC! – Errors from all over.

VersibusWhat’s the French for “Fiddle de dee”?
by Henry George Fischer.

VersibusGraphic Account
by Richard Bready.

Corrigenda – No issue is perfect. Yet.

Ex Cathedra – Words from your editor.

Classical BlatherOn Blue Moons, and Others by Nick Humez

Bibliographia The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary

Bibliographia Scottish Proverbs

Puzzles Corrected grid for 24/1.


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