Bowdlerism in the Barnyard by Hugh Rawson
Airspeak by Paul J. Sampson
A Brief History of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD) by Daniel L. Pratt
How To Speak Like a Corporation by David Galef
CLASSICAL BLATHER: On the Art of Translation, and Vice Versa by Nick Humez
The Things That People Say by Tony Hall
Bromides by William H. Dougherty
a review of Collins Dictionary of Surnames by Leslie Dunkling, reviewed by Adrian Room
a review of California Place Names by Erwin G. Gudde, reviewed by Kelsie Harder
OBITER DICTA: Onomastica: Ultimate Consonant Duplication by Thomas L. Bernard
More Servings From the Periodic Table by John H. Felts
A Calendrical Sentence Explored by David G. Armstrong
OBITER DICTA: Family Saga by Dr. Karl Blau
OBITER DICTA: The Language of Plants and Flowers by Ida Holmes-Moss
OBITER DICTA: A Little Latin is a Dangerous Thing by Pamela Howarth
The Last Pibroch by Donald MacIntosh
Why Have We Got Have Got? by August Rubrecht
The First Use of the Latinate Adjective Fluxionary in the Twentieth Century by Michele Valerie Ronnick
Anglo-American Crossword Puzzle No. 79 by Cullen
Verbal Analogies by Dr. P.A. Pomfret

plus illustrations, EPISTOLAE, SIC! SIC! SIC!s, and more!


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