Inclimate Weather Affects Defense the Most “You try to go in the gym and emulate as many activities as you can, but it’s still not the same.” State College coach Jeff Kissell, in the State College Daily News, March 30, 1999. [Submitted by Bill Simon III, State College, Pennsylvania.]

P-T Agency Assistant–Literary agency seeks part-time assistant for New York office to answer phones, manage office systems, read manuscripts, edit proposals and coordinate submissions. Must be a self-starter with suburb organizational, editorial, and PC skills. [From Publisher’s Weekly, February 22, 1999. Obviously, those “suburb” organization skills are lacking in the City, so they need to import talent. –Ed.]

“. . . our Armenian Lavash bread . . . is baked in clay ovens to retain it’s texture and taste from Biblical times of 4,500 years ago.” [from a package of “Old Fashion Lavash Bread”. Submitted by Alice M. Batchelor, Falmouth, Massachusetts.]

“More than just a post-World War II pastime, the drive-in has come into its own again through the nostalgia it illicits.” [from the AAA Horizons newspaper, AAA Southern New England, Vol. 29/4.”. Submitted by John Goodman, Cambridge, Massachusetts.]

Heard on Radio 4: “Her remark about him wearing a wig was really below the belt.” [Submitted by Fabian Acker, London.]

[Perhaps the fabled male merkin? –Ed.]


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