Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XXVI 1 Urdang, Laurence Today’s Lesson
XXVI 1 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Silly Songs)
XXVI 1 Considine, John Twelve Notes on the Canadian Oxford Dictionary
XXVI 1 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Where Do They Come From?)
XXVI 1 Elkin, Susan English Place Names
XXVI 1 Shapiro, Fred George Orwell, Meet Regis
XXVI 1 Galef, David Plain Talk, or the Case of the Vanishing Vocabulary
XXVI 1 Baker, Aidan The Use of Quotes (poem)
XXVI 1 Blackford, Paul Bangkok Unabridged
XXVI 1 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 1 Felts, John H. Lapsed Language of Appalachia
XXVI 1 Fischer, Henry George Ah! Ah! Elle est bien bonne! (poem)
XXVI 2 Randall, Jessy Wizard Words: The Literary, Latin, and Lexical Origins of Harry Potter¹s Vocabulary
XXVI 2 Garvey, Graeme Proverbs Up-To-Date
XXVI 2 Mills, Dennis An Alphabetaphile¹s Outrage Wherein Caedmon¹s ancestors blunder and we pay the price
XXVI 2 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (-ists, -ites, and Other Ends)
XXVI 2 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 2 Shapiro, Fred R. The Humble Origins of the Chad
XXVI 2 Betts, Jerome Hell Is All Around
XXVI 2 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (X Files)
XXVI 2 Fischer, Henry George Hazlitt On Wit (poem)
XXVI 2 Emerson, Ralph H. Denaturized Profanity in English
XXVI 2 Elkin, Susan Out of the Mouths of Š Twins
XXVI 3 Liberman, Anatoly Skip to the Loo: Loo in Its (Indo-) European Context
XXVI 3 Clankie, Shawn M. Why Bud Weiser Can Sell Cars (But Not Beer)
XXVI 3 Litt, Marilyn Knapp Confessions of a Pert Aleck
XXVI 3 Smith, Roger Medical Malapropisms What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear
XXVI 3 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Eponymous Ailments)
XXVI 3 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu
XXVI 3 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Catching Some Zees)
XXVI 3 Shapiro, Juliette Thesaurusising: A Little-Known Art
XXVI 3 Brookes, Ian The Ones That Got Away Some Words That Escaped from the Chambers Dictionary
XXVI 3 Galef, David Spelt as It Sounds
XXVI 3 Warburton, Mike Pub Names in the 21st Century
XXVI 3 Bernard, Thomas L. Noncing the Indefinite Article, or, Do You Have a Nuncle?
XXVI 3 Ronnick, Michele Valerie A Note on the Origin of Tall Poppy and Tall Poppy Syndrome
XXVI 3 Dougherty, William H. Prepositional Epiphany
XXVI 4 Stevens, Al Lip Control
XXVI 4 Whitehead, Allison (Mis)interpretation?
XXVI 4 Lederer, Richard How Wise Is Proverbial Wisdom?
XXVI 4 Cassidy, Carol-June and Paul Heacock Book Words
XXVI 4 Hoptman, Ari A Possible Origin of Flash Flood
XXVI 4 Neethling, Bertie The “Phenomenon Calendar” of the Xhosa
XXVI 4 Shapiro, Fred R. HarpWeek: Full-Text Searching of History
XXVI 4 Veihdeffer, Jeff Bogus E-Mail Subject Lines
XXVI 4 Coward, Mat Horribile Dictu (column)
XXVI 4 Humez, Nick Classical Blather (Baddabing, Baddabang)
XXVI 4 Baldwin, Barry As the Word Turns (Some Ado About Nothings)
XXVI 4 Fischer, Henry George First Person Singular (poem)
XXVI 4 Urdang, Laurence Review of Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography
XXVI 4 Bailey, Richard W. Review of The Warden of English
XXVI 4 McKean, Erin Review of How Language Comes to Children
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