Authors and Articles

Volume Number Author Title
XIV 1 Demy, Nicholas G. Go to the Dictionary, Thou Sluggard
XIV 1 Cahill, Brian Way To Go, Aubie!
XIV 1 Soyka, Dan E. Whither Thou, Thee, Thy and Thine
XIV 1 Cohen, Harry Microlinguistics
XIV 1 Howard, Virginia In Praise of St. Jerome
XIV 1 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Going Decimal)
XIV 1 Lederer, Richard I before E except…
XIV 2 Heumann, Karl F.; Wellisch, Hans H. Sinister Dexterity
XIV 2 Galef, David The Morox
XIV 2 Busic, Julienne Eden Time and Life
XIV 2 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Divided by a Common Tongue)
XIV 2 Harris, John R. Clue Me in to Anagrams
XIV 2 Lederer, Richard American Slurvian
XIV 3 Armstrong, Jr., Walter P. Sherlock Holmes Adds A Word
XIV 3 Gold, David L. The Poem Recently Attributed to Shakespeare and the Misuse of Dictionaries
XIV 3 Conniff, Richard Poison Penmanship
XIV 3 Garfield, Johanna Ici On Parle Anglais?
XIV 3 Gramm, Gene The Serendipity of Cotyledon
XIV 3 Lederer, Richard Playing the Numbers Game
XIV 3 Henn, Henry ‘Nam, Gook, Gung-ho: Nonsense
XIV 3 Turner, George W. Antipodean English (Give a Dog a Bad Name …)
XIV 3 Echols, Edward C. Alpha Privative = A-Negative
XIV 4 Van Gelder, Paula Poetic Licenses
XIV 4 Heehs, Peter Indian Words in English: Resident Aliens and Naturalized Citizens
XIV 4 Lederer, Richard A Man of Fire-new Words
XIV 4 Hirschberg, Stephen E. Agatha Christie’s Works Are Not Legal Fictions
XIV 4 de Forest, John Noticing Nouns
XIV 4 Bland, D.S. Shakespeare’s Legal Language
XIV 4 Kingscott, Geoffrey Language As a Source of Conflict
XIV 4 Turner, George W. Antipodean Newsletter (The Coming of the Strangers)
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