Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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The very late, much-delayed, highly anticipated (I hope) Spring and Summer issues of VERBATIM are FINALLY at the printer! Here are the contents of these issues, which will be mailed together ...
Journo’s Boffo Lingo: The Slang of Daily Variety David Wilton
Mongo No Like Legging: Family Expressions Deserving Wider Recognition Jessy Randall
Confessions of a Verbivore Richard Lederer
E-Mails to an Etymologist Michael Quinion
Murder! She Ejaculated Edmund Conti
Blurts Aidan Baker
New Yawk Tawk Charles Elster
Who Put the Nick in my Name? Gloria Rosenthal
Subversion by Adverb Orin Hargraves
Such a Stew About Punning A. H. Block
Untitled Larry Tritten
Horribile Dictu Mat Coward
Classical Blather: Death’s Masks Nick Humez
As the Word Turns: Brief Lives, Brief Loves Barry Baldwin
The Simpsons: Embiggening Our Language with Cromulent Words Mark Peters
Brain Injury and Language Catherine P. Businelle
The Corporatization of Verbal Communication Processes Keith Hall
Playing Boggle with My Sister Lauren Rile Smith
Falsest of Friends Fraser Sutherland
Fan Words Marcelo Rinesi
What Do Poets Want? Louis Phillips
A Word or Two in Spanglish C. J. Moore
The Alphabet Is Killing Us John Nixon, Jr.
Ode to a Clodhopper Jerome Betts
One, Two, Three Francis Heaney
Sex and the Single Noun Thora Von Male
High-Scoring Scrabble™ Strings Seeking Definition Dan Pratt
Affiant Saith Further Nought Frank Abate
Horribile Dictu Mat Coward
Classical Blather: Words of Power Nick Humez


Blogger Mark Peters said...


Because I am twelve, I am really looking forward to "Murder! She Ejaculated." That's the article title of the year.

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