Sunday, August 21, 2005

Penny Not-So-Dreadfuls

I just noticed that quite a few copies of Edwin Newman's Strictly Speaking are being offered on for a penny. (Plus shipping, of course.)

Here's Laurence Urdang's review of it. (Summing up for those of you who won't click the link: "All this sounds very unfriendly and damning. Nonetheless, the book is really very amusing--even downright sidesplitting in places--and, if the reader can overlook its shortcomings, he will find it a very entertaining collection, with commentary, of the foibles of those responsible for communicating to us (badly) the (bad) news of the day.")

While I'm putting articles online, here's a lovely one from Vol. II/1: Urdang's The Art and Technique of Citation Reading.


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